Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday To My Princess Girl

It is a princess birthday today! Do you know who is celebrating her birthday? Yep, my sweet baby girl, Mellissa. My day started with a phone call from the birthday girl saying that she wanted to go get a frozen yogurt. Um ok. I haven't had breakfast yet, but sure, lets go get frozen yogurt ;-) Best way to start a day EVER. I had just rolled out of bed after being up way too late designing cookies whereas she had gotten up early and gone for a cold morning work-out already with my little granddaughter. She is amazing. Absolutely amazing. So I made her Princess cookies. Because I love her that much and more.
 Mellissa does everything right. She is a hard-worker, a fantastic new mother, she helps when I can't figure out something really technical, she is an amazing cookie decorator and she juggles everything in stride.
 Mellissa is not materialistic or even a super girly-girl with make-up and shoes and such, but she is my little princess and I thought she would really enjoy these cookies. She is here today making some special cookies for a friend of hers. We didn't do a cake or decorations, but we are spending time together before she has birthday plans with her hubby and daughter tonight.
Please join me in wishing Mellissa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl Mellissa. I adore you so much more than words could ever say.

Tomorrow we have a very fun post planned. A bunch of cookie decorators joined me in a Cookie Cutter Challenge. I sent each of them a cookie cutter and didn't tell them what it is and they came up with their own design. I'm so excited to show you all the different things they came up with from one cookie cutter! Stay tuned...

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  1. Thank you Nicole! :-)

  2. Very beautifulllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Mellisa. What lovely photographs and such cute cookies. I love that your daughter is your best friend. Mine is too and it's wonderful.
    Mellisa shares the same birthday as my husband :) All the best to her for a fabulous year.

    1. Thank you Paula and Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!

  4. P.S. Glad to have read earlier that your son is doing much better health wise and has returned to college. Best wishes to him for a great second semester.


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