Friday, January 11, 2013

Pepper The Hedgehog Cookies

Yes, I named him Pepper. I bought this really fun Hedgehog cookie cutter from and I love him. I didn't really have a reason that I "needed" him, I just wanted him. So then I went and bought my granddaughter, Abigail, a hedgehog outfit just to justify the purchase of the hedgehog cookie cutter. Because you know, I have to make cookies for each of Abigail's outfits. It is REQUIRED ;-)
 So I used lots of fun colors and polka dots and zig zags. Mellissa outlined them for me and I decorated them. Can you tell we had a lot of fun with these?

 and I have a mini hedgehog cookie cutter from a set from IKEA.
 These are super little guys compared to the huge one from Copper Gifts. 
I made these hedgehog cookies in September and I sent them to a gal that won my give-away and also some to the team at CopperGifts. As you can see Abigail was tiny in September. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in just a couple months!

and the crew posed with the cookies that I sent them :-)

Thanks for being my little muse Abigail sweetie! You sure have inspired a lot of cookies!
 Look at those little tiny legs!!!

Pepper the Hedgehog blog background for today:


  1. Too cute Cristin but not as cute as Abigail. I love seeing her grow. Digging the background!

  2. Pepper is darling, and so is the little princess!

  3. You can buy me any outfits you want Grandma Pinkie!

  4. Your little peanut is just adorable! I have always wanted to make hedgehog cookies, but never have:( They're really cute!

  5. I knew when I saw these cookies that as I scrolled through your post, eventually a photo or two of Abigail would appear with her dressed in some kind of hedgehog outfit. Too cute...just like your cookies :)


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