Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love You S'More Every Day

I asked a bunch of you today on Facebook what you think this new cookie cutter is:
The general consensus seemed to be graduation cap, but there were some other guesses of a grilled cheese sandwich and an upside down triple decker sandwich with an olive and even a squished canoe carton? Also an upside down house and a leprechaun? I'm starting to think my Cristin's Cookies fans are a bit odd ;-) So what do you see??? Hmm. Here's what I see...

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Start with your pretty pink S'mores cookie cutter available HERE. Then bake your cookie. This is a pretty simple design. On the more detailed designs, I suggest a bit of flour on the cookie cutter and giving the cutter a wiggle against the dough.
 Then outline your design. Hint: you could click on this picture and right click to save it or download the tutorial cards HERE. Print it out and use it for reference to outline your cookies. You can add the dots on the top of the graham cracker after decorating your cookie or before. I prefer before personally. All a matter of preference.
 Then fill the graham cracker portion of your cookie top and bottom. I used Americolor Warm Brown and then added a touch of Americolor Gold to get the color I wanted.
 Next fill the marshmallow portion of your cookie on the first layer under the graham cracker top. I always add white food color gel (Americolor White) to my white icing to make it nice and bright white.
 Lastly add the chocolate portion of your S'mores cookies. I used Americolor Chocolate Brown. Don't you love the way it looks like it is oozing out of the S'mores cookie :-)
 And there you have it. Lots of S'mores cookies. 
Now wouldn't these be really fun for Valentines Day??? I Love You S'more Every Day!
 I pulled an all-nighter last night decorating cookies til 5am. I finished 108 cookies. I have a few more to finish, but I wanted to take a break and share these fun S'more cookie with you. I hope you find something to have S'more fun today! Okay, I'll stop now ;-)

S'mores blog background for today:


  1. Love these! They'd be a great treat to bring along on a camping trip!

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