Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Abigail Into A Sock Monkey

Sock monkeys are the rage. Have you heard? They are super popular. Thankfully I have some great super monkey cookie cutters that I love. I bought a sock monkey outfit for little Abigail. Of course I did. I realize now that I shouldn't have bought the hat. The hat is pretty silly. And yet the hat cost about as much as the outfit! Oh well. Lessons learned, right? So I made some sock monkey cookies in colors to match the outfit. I would have loved if they were in a cute pink color, but no, they had to be in a shocking coral color. Okay. They still tasted yummy.

and here's the outfit. Darn cute huh.
 Then a friend asked me to make sock monkey cookies for a baby shower. Lots of them. So I was able to do "regular" sock monkey cookies too.

 and I've never done this before, but I made cupcake sticks too. Actually Mellissa made these. They worked out great for the baby shower.
 See what I mean about the hat? Not a great purchase. We'll leave it at that.
 Ahhh much better. And Abigail agrees. No hat.

I'm working on 112 Italian theme cookies today. I made several new cookie cutters for the event. I'm also working on making a new cookie cutter for another mystery cutter challenge. I have so much fun with those and seeing what others create. What are you doing today? Is it cold where you are? 

Have you played in one of our mystery cutter challenges? We have one running right now. There are only 4 more cutters available. You can see all the details and the cutter here:
You don't have to be an experienced cookie decorator to play along. Just come and have fun with us...

 Sock Monkey blog background for today:

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  1. Abigail looks so cute as a sock monkey! :) I especially love the red monkey cookies and the cupcake sticks!


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