Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owl Cookies That Didn't Make It To A Baby Shower

A friend asked if I would make owl cookies and giraffe cookies for a friend's baby shower. I've had my new huge owl cookie cutter from Copper Gifts for a few months and hadn't played with it yet so I was more than happy to make these cookies. But then something happened. The baby decided to make an appearance right BEFORE the baby shower! So the party got cancelled and I had 60 cookies on my hands. Nice problem to have right? Out of all the problems of the world, having too many cookies is a nice problem. I thought about putting the cookies in my freezer and saving them for the after party, but decided that I didn't really have room for that, so I decided to go ahead and finish the cookies. Then I sent them to friends.
 I decided to use up all the colors I had and made them very colorful owls. It's a lot of work and time and clean-up to make so many colors, but I already had these available from my other cookie projects, so it worked out really well.

and some Christmas owls too
 I bagged each cookie up and wrote on the tag "Have A Wonderful Day" and sent them off to surprise several of my buddies.
The owl cookies were well received :-)
 Can you tell I was busy that week?
and my little Abigail in an owl outfit
 You can barely see the owl coming out of the pocket of Abigail's dress on this one, but it is SO cute with matching tights. Owl I'll always love you Abigail! and your mommy too.
Owl collage:

 Owl blog background for today:


  1. Is that gel or RI? I'm tempted to try gel for the first time for the secret cutter.

    1. Hi Felicia, I don't know what gel is although I've seen in the grocery stores some sort of gel thing. I think it's for writing names on cakes. Anyway, I use my own homemade glaze icing recipe for all my cookies. I outline in black with royal icing and then everything else is glaze. I don't share my glaze icing (it's the ONLY thing I don't share) but you can do a Google search for glaze icing and find several different recipes that you can try and see what works for you. Glaze icing is very different than Royal Icing. Royal Icing is easier (in my opinion) because it stays where you tell it to and it's poofy and you can get incredible details from royal that you can never get in glaze. Glaze is more runny and it never dries hard the way that royal does. Just like anything else, you have to get used to it and find what works for you. I can't WAIT to see your cookies Felicia!!! I'm so excited!

  2. Cristin your owls are all so fun, but I must say your grand daughter is so cute! I love all the pictures you share with us!


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