Monday, January 7, 2013

Cookie Cutters Storage

It's January and it's time to get organized right? Well, if you're anything like me, then you have a total obsession with cookie cutters. For those just getting started in cookie decorating, I want to warn you now.... you better not like shoes and clothes and other expensive obsessions. Cookie cutters tend to overtake your world ;-) I LOVE my cookie cutters. Like really... I dream about my cookie cutters. Yep, I know. There should be a support group for people like us. Oh wait there is... all our little cookie decorating groups. Heaven. People just as crazy as we are! So again back to the newbies... I just want to warn you what WILL happen. Here you go:
So as you can see this cookie cutter obsession has grown. And it's not just me. My cookie decorating friends have the same issue. Yes, that does make me feel better!

Now here we are starting 2013 and I cleaned OUT my cookie cutter storage, taking about 116 or so cutters out of my long spreadsheet of cookie cutters. My friends were all too happy to help take some cookie cutters off my hands! My daughter convinced me that I could fit in more cookie cutter sotrage by adding one more layer of storage units along the top and it wouldn't hit the ceiling yet. I decided she was right. This is it. If my cutters don't fit in these, then cutters have to go. I have no more room in my office for my obsession with cookie cutters. I'm sure later in the year, Mellissa will figure out that a cubby could fit here or there. She is such an enabler ;-) So this is my cookie cutter storage 2013.
ooh ahh
 I love it.

This picture is before my recent add-on, but gives you an idea as to the categories I use to organize my cookie cutters.

What? You want a pink storage system for your cookie cutters too? Ok, I'll share. You can get the storage bins at Target in the stores or online here. What? You need the cubbies too? Ok. I'm in a sharing mood today. You can get the honey colored wood storage bins here at Amazon online. Or they also come in white or black too. And they are on sale right now. Mine were not on sale when I bought them last week. Oh well. Still worth it.

Ok now that you have WHERE to store your cookie cutters, do you know HOW MANY you have? Scared to count? I know. I get it. It can be scary. You don't REALLY want to know how many you have, do you? And you certainly don't want your spouse to know how many you have! Well I have mine all documented in a spreadsheet. I started the spreadsheet when I started buying duplicate cookie cutters forgetting which ones I already had! Oops.

My spreadsheet includes a description of the cookie cutter, the measurement of the cutter, the manufacturer and what type of material the cutter is made from. The cutters are separated into categories of how I store the cutters like "animals" or "baby" or "wedding" or "birthday" or "character", you get the picture. Then after each section of cutters, I also give myself reminders like "see also such an such cutter in this other section" for instance if my ducky cookie cutter can be used for Easter, but I keep it in the baby section and so on. I like to buy cookie cutters from here:
Copper Gifts
Karens Cookies
Plastics in Print
and now I've started sharing some of my own cookie cutters designs too:
Cristin's Cookies Etsy Shop

What? You want your very own spreadsheet to organize your own cookie cutters so you stop buying duplicates or forgetting alternate uses for your cutter designs? Okay, I created a "blank" version of my cookie cutter spreadsheet. The very first category is my animal cookie cutters so you can see how it works and then some suggested categories for you to input your own cookie cutters. You can change the wording to whatever will work for you. You can download your very own cookie cutter spreadsheet by clicking this link here. The list was updated today with new features. It now will add up your cookie cutters for you! Feel free to change the spreadsheet in whatever way works best for you.

Don't stop there, you can also organize your sprinkles and cookie decorating supplies and more.
You can get these perfect sized containers at Amazon here
 and icing colors
 and extracts
and cookie boxes. I like BRP Box Shop and PaperMart mostly, but I've tried others as well.
So what do you think? Are you all ready to get organized for 2013?! Be honest. Are you obsessed with cookie cutters? Where do you store all yours? Now that I'm all organized, I'm going for a bike ride and then I have some baking to do.  Make it a GREAT day!

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  1. SUCH an inspiration you are! THANK YOU for sharing and giving all of us out here in cookie land this great spreadsheet!
    Lee Ann Clark
    Sugar Mama Cookies

    1. Happy to help Lee Ann! I just found your cookie page. ADORABLE cookies! Beautiful work!

  2. Great Post Cristin! I just organized this weekend! I love your storage system...when I get a bigger cookie room , I will be upgrading to this type of system for sure...right now I have mine in plasic shoe box type boxes....and that is workign for me! I love the containter you have your sugar in too....very nice and user friendly, I have similar rubbermaid ones that I use..Love Them! Now...I need to download that spreadsheet and get to work!

  3. You're right, January is the time to get organized! I need to get on that :)
    Great job!!

  4. You are hilarious, mom! Love you!

  5. OMG and I though that's only me!!!!! Loooooove your site...thank you!!!!

  6. loving your blog, keep it up, as always!


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