Monday, February 4, 2013

Do Polar Bears Really Ice Skate?

Well, yes, yes of course polar bears do ice skate. You know they wait until we're fast asleep, but then they really do lace up their skates and go ice skating with their scarves to keep them warm. It happens. Don't you wish you lived in my world? With ice skating penguins and pink hair and constant cookies? Throw in a pink bike and it's a pretty good little world. 

My son is celebrating a birthday in a few days. Without me. Gosh I just got teared up writing that. Pathetic. I miss that kid. He's away at college and for the first time he will be celebrating a birthday without his mom to throw him a big celebration. Ok, now I'm blowing my nose. It's hard to watch our babies grow up. So anyway, I'm going to be busy the next couple days to prepare for Nick's birthday. I'm making all new cookie cutters. I must send my baby boy some cookies for his birthday of course and a virtual hug too.

So here's some polar bear cookies to hold you over til I'm back. I love these polar bears, but truth be told, the cutter makes me a little crazy. It constantly cuts the polar bear's head off. That's really not very nice to do to a cute polar bear. Here are a few that survived.

 I need to get working on my challenge cookies too. Have a great week everyone!

Polar bear blog background for today:

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  1. Cute cookies Cristin, love the glitter on the skate blades.


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