Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Moose Tell You How Much I like You & FREE Printable Cookie Tags

I made Moose cookies (and a free printable cookie tag below). I just had to. They are so cute. And, you know, Abigail had a moose on her pajamas. So I'm sure you understand now why it was imperative that I make moose cookies :-)  You get me, right?!

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Card HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 So I started by making myself a moose cookie cutter. cute huh. Yes, I made some for you too. You can get a Moose cookie cutter for your very own by clicking HERE
 Then I outlined my design onto my freshly baked cookie. Hint: you can click on this picture and save it to use as your own design when decorating your moose cookies.
 While that part dried, I chose my color scheme using Americolor gel colors. I decided that I wanted a soft royal blue, regal purple and of course electric green (one of my favorites). And two shades of chocolate brown for the moose and his antlers. Don't these colors look really fun together? Especially for a moose you know.
 I filled her (yes she's a HER, I named her Mellissa the Moose) body first with the lighter brown and then his antlers and I saved his scarf for last.
 and I decided to make a multi-colored scarf with this color scheme too. 
 Do you like my winter moose?
 She's a pretty good likeness to Abigail's pajamas.
Then I bagged them up with cookie tags that say "I MOOSE tell you how much I like you!"
and because I'm feeling super nice today. I'm sharing my Moose cookie tags with you too! You can download your own Moose cookie tags by clicking here!
 and here's that little sweetie in her Moose pajamas
 and Mellissa sent me this one too. I'm assuming there's a moose on these pajamas too, but it's harder to see.
 Wouldn't these moose cookies be cute for Valentines Day? My mind is swirling with ideas for Valentines Day!
 I bet Abigail will love being my muse when she gets a little older :-)
 I'm off for an all-day long bike ride. I tried to do one last Saturday but got caught in the rain with a flat tire. So I'm trying again. It was a really busy week so I'm super excited to just concentrate on turning the pedals around and around... I hope YOU have a relaxed Saturday too!

Moose blog background for today. I love this one.


  1. Love this one. Kathy

  2. SOOOO Cute!!! What kind of icing did you use? Do you have a recipe!?

    1. Thank you Leslie. I use a homemade glaze icing recipe and it's the ONLY thing that I don't share in my tutorials. But you could do a Google search for "glaze icing recipes" and come up with several to try out and tweak until you find what works for you. Have fun!


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