Monday, February 18, 2013

Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge RESULTS

Are you ready to see the mystery cutter results? I'm so excited to show you what everyone came up with! I created a new cookie cutter and decided to make it a mystery cutter challenge for fun. I didn't tell anyone what the cutter was meant to be and everyone made their own design. I love all the wonderful and creative designs everyone came up with! Make sure to stop by their pages and enjoy their cookie photos. Below the collage I'll share my cookie photos and of course you want to know why I made the design that I made...

Zebra Cookie Cutter Available HERE (same as Giraffe)
Giraffe Cookie Cutter Available HERE (same as Zebra)
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Zebra Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
Download Free Giraffe Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE

Aren't these all adorable! I'm really surprised that no one made a Yoshi! I thought for sure we would have a few Yoshi characters. Here are the wonderful cookie decorators that participated in this fun mystery cutter challenge. Stop by their site and say hi

#1 – Tami - Tami Rena’s Cookies

#2 – Natalie - Sweet Shop Natalie

#3 – Liz - CookiesToGo:

#4 – Cheryl - The Sugared Apron

#5 – Diana - The Cookie Princess

#6 – Jacquie - Sweetness

#8 – Blanca - SugarChic

#9 – Shiyanne - Sweetie Pete Treats

#10 – Connie - Connie’s Creative Chaos

#11 – Cristin - Cristin’s Cookies

So I made my cookie into a zebra:
 Why? Yep, you guessed it... that little Abigail inspired my Zebra...
I started with the Zebra cookie cutter. As you've seen above, it can also be decorated as a giraffe and a dinosaur and a horse and even a boot. Yes, I'll share. You can get your own pink cookie cutter HERE
 Then I baked my cookies with my new cookie cutter
 and I outlined my design. At this point you could make it into several design options.
I added nice thick stripes for my Zebra.
Then I filled her in with the colors that match Abigail's outfit. While the icing was wet, I added a flower detail and the tiny heart in her ear and the hearts on her tail. Then I let her dry overnight. The next morning I used an edible pen to draw on the pink stitching and the eyelashes.
Then I made her a bunch of friends so that she wouldn't get lonely.
Then I dressed her up for Valentines Day. 
 and with Valentines colored stripes too with a big heart that says I Only Have STRIPES For You! and smaller hearts with zebra print on them. You know, I just couldn't resist.
and I bagged her up to give to friends
 well you know me, then I took it just a step further...
and I made her into a giraffe too. I couldn't help myself. My friend Georganne at LilaLoa sent me these adorable eyes so I felt compelled to make a cute giraffe with pretty blue eyes. I love her. Seriously. Like it was really hard to give her away!

 and all my cookies from this new fun cookie cutter
And I made some fun Zebra printable cookie tags to share with you too. Click on the photo below and it will take you to the link to download your own Zebra cookie tags:
and yes, some Giraffe printable cookie tags too. Click on the photo below and it will take you to the link to download your own Giraffe cookie tags:

As is often the case, thank you to Abigail for being my inspiration and my muse! And thank you to all the cookie decorators that played along in our mystery cutter challenge! I love all the different ways you showed that the cutter can be used!
Our next mystery cutter challenge ends on Friday, so another collaborative project will be coming next Monday too!

Zebra blog background for today:


  1. Love the giraffe idea. Gotta have this cutter!

  2. Love looking at this blog, your cookies and the lovely clip art. Ty GBY ♥

  3. Another great job!!! I particularly like the zebra with the sassy red and white polka dot stripes...


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