Friday, February 15, 2013

Birthday with Lots of Cookie Cutters

My son celebrated his 19th birthday last week. The problem was that he was about 700 miles away! This was the first time that he wasn't home for me to throw him a big birthday celebration. It was harder than I expected and I missed him terribly. I decided to make him a whole bunch of cookies to give out to his friends in college. And since I generally go pretty overboard with things, I made a bunch of new cookie cutters too. Thankfully my kids appreciate my craziness and they like cookies ;-)

Somehow I forgot to get a platter picture of the cookies. All that work and no platter picture. This will have to do. Get ready for lots and lots of cookies...

Birthday Cookie Cutters available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download printable cookie bag toppers for birthday boy HERE
Download printable cookie bag toppers for birthday girl HERE
This one was my favorite. Birthday boy with cupcake. The cookie cutter is available to purchase HERE

Birthday Boy with Party Hat available HERE

Birthday Boy with Balloons available HERE

Cake Slice available HERE

Party Hat available HERE

Balloon Bouquet available HERE

Cake Tier Stand Available HERE

Candle available HERE

Noise Maker available HERE

Confetti 1 available HERE

 Confetti 2 - I changed this one after so that it's not as thin - available HERE

and cake available HERE

and cupcake available HERE

and present available HERE

and later I added in Kimberly the birthday girl available HERE

As you can see, I had lots of fun making so many new designs of cookie cutters. They can be found HERE

In all, I shipped 41 cookies to Nick. He said that he gave them out to friends and they were gone in a day. I'm glad they enjoyed them. He will be home for Spring Break in a few weeks. I'm so excited to see him. I wonder what I'll make for his return... 

Birthday blog background for today:


  1. Hi Cristin, These are the cutest birthday cookies I have ever seen! Thanks for showing us how you outlined them. I will be placing another order :) Kathy

  2. I know you miss your son like crazy but I'm betting that all his college friends are delighted that he was at college for his BDay. Look at the cookie haul ;) I love the cookie with the kid, balloons and cupcake! Hope Nick had a great birthday celebration.

  3. What a lucky boy!!! Happy birthday, Nick!!!

  4. I loved the post...
    The effort that you have put in...
    And o yes! The love for your son that can be felt in each inch of this post...
    Nice one!

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