Thursday, February 14, 2013

Talk Nerdy To Me Collaborative Project

I participated in a collaborative project, but I was so swamped this week that I didn't send in my cookie photo until 3am this morning only to find out that they were posting the collaborative project this morning! Woops! My friend, Lene of Not Your Everyday Cookie, came up with a fun idea of all of us making nerdy valentines. Thank you for including me Lene even though I completely missed the target!

Being nerdy is right up my alley. I think I should have been an engineer. I understand weird things like hypertext mark-up language and binary code and central processing unit and weird things that a cookie decorator shouldn't know.

So I decided to make robot cookies.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Cookie Tutorial Cards Available HERE
Download Printable Cookie Tags HERE
And the gals made a bunch of nerdy valentines too. You have to stop by and check out their awesome valentines.

3. Cristin - Cristin's Cookies
4. Jill - Jill FCS
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day with someone special!

Valentine blog background for today:


  1. Que divertidas y bonitas! te felicito

  2. Very cute Cristin and you are a cookie making and decorating machine!


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