Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bite Me - Shark Cookies

My son was home for spring break from college last week. I normally love to decorate lots of cookies each week, but I decided to block the week off to soak up every minute of family time that I could. As you saw in my St. Patty Day post, I did make a bunch of St. Patrick's Day cookies last week, but I also set aside time to make SHARK COOKIES. Why shark cookies you ask? Well, that's what my son asked me to make! He wanted to make a special surprise present for his friend, Liann, because she likes sharks. I didn't have a shark cookie cutter and I've never even thought of making shark cookies, so I was starting from scratch. Then I got into it. And probably went a little overboard. I tend to do that. I made just a few shark designs.

Shark Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
This one was my favorite. I named him Sammy the Shark available HERE

and Scotty the Shark available HERE

and Spike the Shark available HERE

 This is Sadie, the Shark available HERE

 and lastly we have Sean the Shark available HERE

and the colors I used to make my shark cookies 
All the shark cookie cutters are available HERE

While Nick was home, we played games together, he gave me lots of wonderful, wonderful, wonderful hugs, we went to family parties and had family over and the very best part was that he OFFERED to go for a bike ride with me! We rode about 26 miles together and it was definitely my little piece of heaven.
 I cried my eyes out when Nick left. I tried so hard not to cry that it gave me a horrible headache. Hubby keeps telling me that he will be back in just 6 weeks. That doesn't help. What does help is knowing that he is right where he is meant to be. When Nick was shopping for colleges, we were going to visit other schools in the area and added this one on last minute. Everything fell perfectly in place. Nick knew immediately this was his home. This was one of the most expensive schools, but they also sent him an amazing scholarship and they wanted him. He has felt right at home there and made lots of friends and loves his classes. Although I miss my boy, God has shown repeatedly that he is right where he is meant to be. And he'll be home soon :-)

Shark blog background for today. Thank you to Amy of Happy Heart Studios for creating shark paper for me to use to make my blog backgrounds. I appreciate that every idea that pops into my head, you are ready to help me execute it!

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  1. Sammy is my favourite too. Glad that you had a lovely visit with your son during his break.


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