Friday, March 22, 2013

Strike! Lets Go Bowling!

Lots of kids like to have a bowling party for their birthday. Personally I only like to bowl if I can have those bumper pads that cover the gutters. You know, because I'm really good at bowling ;-) Well a friend of mine asked me to make bowling cookies, so I made a whole bunch of bowling cookie cutters not too long ago and I've already used them several times.

Bowling Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Cookie Bag Toppers HERE

I started with a bowling pin and ball
 The bowling cookie cutters are available here

and then I made a bunch more
Bowling Shirt available here
 Bowling Bag available here
 Bowling Shoes available here
 Bowling STRIKE available here
 Bowling Sign available here
 Bowling Girl available here
 Sorry I forgot to get pictures individually of how to decorate them, but hopefully this photo will help. You can right click this photo and save it on your computer to use as a guide in decorating your own cookies. The cookie cutters are all really detailed too so that it makes it easier for decorating.
 I had a lot of fun making bowling cookies

 I made some bowling cookie tags for you too. You can download them by clicking here.

I made some really fun cookies yesterday, but I can't share them yet. Hopefully early next week. It's a gorgeous day outside. I'm really excited about getting out of my office and going for a bike ride this weekend! I hope you're doing something fun too!

Bowling blog background for today:


  1. The most extensive and cutest collection of bowling cookies ever!


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