Friday, March 15, 2013

Good Luck Charm Collaborative Project

Do you have a lucky charm? When my friend, Melissa, of Simply Sweets by Honeybee asked me to join in her Good Luck Charm collaborative project, I had to put my thinking cap on. I knew I wanted to play along, who wouldn't jump at the chance to play cookies with Melissa?! The hard part was that, in all honesty, I actually don't really believe in luck. I believe in destiny. I believe that we work hard, we do the right thing and we make things happen and we pray to our higher power. When things don't go as we hope, I don't think of it as bad luck, I think of it as a learning lesson for something I will need to know later or making me stronger for something to come. So I was left trying to figure out what my good luck charm might be. Here's what I came up with.
Lucky number 32. When I was in the 6th grade, all the girls had to join a football team. I had a lot of fun playing football. As it turns out, the coach's' son and I had a bit of a crush on each other. At the end of the season, the coach had t-shirts made for each player. On the back of my shirt it said "Cuddles" and the number 32. This became my "lucky" number for the rest of my life. Anytime I pick a number, it's 32. Someday I'll win the lottery with this number, right? ;-)

And then someone took that number from me
#32 became my son's favorite number too. Say it with me... awww.

So when Melissa asked me for a lucky charm, I just had to make some number 32 cookies. To get started, I made myself a cookie cutter.
and I outlined my design
 and made the icing colors
 and then I made some number 32 cookies
 Nick was happy to see "his" number in cookie form.
Nick has been home this week for spring break from college. We only got 4 days of his time, but we filled those days up with as much love as we could squeeze in and he even went on a 26-mile bike ride with me!

So what is YOUR lucky charm? Do you believe in luck? Do you want to see what the other cookiers made for the Good Luck Charm project? Of course you do! Here you go...

1)      Opal Ring by Tami Rena’s Cookies
2)      My Children by Kookie Kreations by Kim
3)      Hamsa & Evil Eye by Not Your Everyday Cookie
4)      Wonder Woman Shirt by The Cookie Puzzle
5)      Attitude is My Good Luck Charm by Pink Little Cake
6)      Cookies Are My Lucky Charm by The Baked Equation
7)      Good Luck Money Tree by Semi Sweet Designs
8)      Security Blanket by Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies
9)      Lucky Number 32 by Cristin’s Cookies
10)   Always With Me by The Cookie Corner AZ
11)   Leprechauns by Trilogy Edibles
12)   Good Luck Elephants by Simply Sweets by Honeybee

I hope you got a chance to stop by and see everyone's entry in this fun group project! Thank you Melissa for inviting me to join in!

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  1. I'm loving reading the stories behind the cookies. Great job Cristin. Thanks for playing along :)

  2. What a perfect cookie Cristin.....and you even made a cutter to match.....I love the story behind the cookie...what a fun project be a part of.

  3. I am having so much fun reading everyone's posts on luck. They are so cool.

  4. Okay, awwwwwwwww that is awesome that you both share the same number. What a fun project.

  5. Cuddles- I love your post! Err- I mean Cristin! ;-)

    I really do love that Nick has the same lucky number! He's such a great young man!

  6. Haha, Cuddles! I love it! Great cookie and great story behind it. It's so touching that your son shares your same lucky number. Go 32!

  7. Love the story of how 32 became your lucky number (and your son's). Great cookie decorating and a fun collaborative project!


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