Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kiss Me, I'm Irish & FREE Printable Cookie Tags

Kiss Me, I'm Irish. We all had bright green shirts that said that when we were younger right? No? Maybe it was just me. Yes, I'm Irish with my pinkish skin and blue eyes. So it's only fitting that I MUST make a bunch of St. Patrick's Day cookies. I had a lot of fun with these. I was hoping to get them done long before St. Patty's day, but I always have so much going on. But I did make them... and lots of cookie cutters too!

Cookie Cutters Available to Purchase HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download printable cookie bag toppers HERE
I started by making a fun leprechaun cookie cutter and he turned out so cute that I decided to name him Liam the Leprechaun and I gave him eyes special made from my friend, Georganne at LilaLoa. She shipped me those eyes all the way from Korea!
 You can convince Liam to come live at your house from here

and a shamrock here

and a pot of gold cookie cutter that would also make a nice bath tub... here

and a leprechaun hat available here

and green beer is very popular on St. Patrick's Day available here

and of course the horseshoe to represent the luck of the Irish here

and I made this birdie and named her Bella available here

and leprechauns need their pipe here

and a green mushroom just because I said so, available here

and you just can't celebrate St. Patrick's Day without a rainbow WITH a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I've yet to find a rainbow cookie cutter with a pot of gold at the end, so I made one. Yes, you can have one too from here

I also made some cookie tags for you to download and personalize and use for your own St. Patrick's Day cookies. You can download the cookie tags here:

So as you can see I had fun making lots of St. Patrick's Day cookies. And guess what... Mellissa has fun dressing up Abigail for the holiday too.
I hope you remember to wear green on Sunday so that you don't get pinched ;-)

St. Patrick's Day blog background for today:

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