Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Are LOADS of Fun

I have a 19-year old son and I never made dump truck cookies. What's wrong with me? Seriously. Well in my defense, Nick was much more into technology than trucks. So instead I made dump trucks for Valentines Day. Why? Well because "You Are Loads of Fun" worked well with a dump truck.

Dump Truck Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
I started by making a new cookie cutter. Yes, you can play dump trucks too. Available HERE
 Fun huh!
 I started by outlining my design. See above to download the tutorial card.
Then I filled in the red and yellow and white parts and let that dry completely. The last step was the brown for the dirt in the truck and while that was still wet, I added sparkling sugar. Because you know, dirt isn't icky, it's sparkly ;-) says the girl that hates dirt.

 and then I boxed them up in a pretty presentation box from BRP.
And another time I made more dump truck cookies:

 and them I made some extra fun dump truck cookies when I had some extra cookie dough. I used those chocolate rocks on one of them and raspberry sanding sugar on the other. Little did you know that dump truck cookies are this much FUN!
No, I don't have a cutesie picture of Abigail in a dump truck outfit. But I do have a cute picture of my grandson with a dump truck outfit! What a lucky girl I am to have TWO little muses for my cookie inspiration!

Make it a GREAT day everyone! 

Dump Truck blog background for today:


  1. This so cute for boys. My son would have loved these cookies when he was little. Thank you for your inspiration. You are very talented.

  2. What an adorable cookie cutter! Love the dump truck :)

  3. Perfect dump trucks and so cute to add them with the Valentine heart with that saying.


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