Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Want A Robot

Don't you wish you had your very own robot? I do. Not like one of those robot dogs that takes a few steps and barks and does a backflip. No, not that kind of robot. I want a robot that does the vacuuming and the dusting and even watermarks cookie photos and helps to organize my office. THAT'S the kind of robot I want. Yep. 

I remember many, many years ago, my dad told me that one day we would be able to shop online and find anything you were looking for. I thought he was crazy. He was right. I hate shopping and dealing with crowds and having to search for what you're looking for to be able to get out of the mall. So I basically do all my shopping online. I've seen movies that say we will have robot drivers someday too. I'm ready.

My son and his engineering team at college built a robot. It didn't do any of these things that I want/need, but it tells me they are working on it ;-) I had this cute little onesie made for my granddaughter. It says GEEKS ARE COOL.
Cookie Cutter Available HERE
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So you know, I had to make cookies too :-) I started with making a new cookie cutter to match Abigail's robot outfit. You can get one HERE
 I outlined my design:
and then I made a bunch of robot cookies
I made them for my son, Nick because he really is the ultimate geek. Abigail got the onesie and Nick got the cookies. This picture is from Christmas when Nick was so sick with Mono. I can see it in this picture and it makes me sad. He's better now. Thank God.
Mellissa had this shirt made for him for Christmas and it's just tooooo perfect for him!
and then I made some robot cookies for Valentines Day too

Abigail already loves everything related to technology like her Uncle and they both look so cute in their geeky shirts ;-)
Don't forget to enter the 4,000 fan give-away at Cristin's Cookies. Details for the give-away are here on the froggy blog post. I'm off for an all-day bike ride. What are you doing fun today?

Robot blog background for today (I love this one): 


  1. I hope you publish a book of Abigail's first year in matching outfits and cookies! :)

  2. I have a son who is a freshman in college and he was really sick first semester too. He had the mono test but it was negative. He had to come home and just rest for a few days. I can relate to your concern for Nick. Glad he is doing better. I am absolutely sure your cookies helped!

    1. Oh Susie I'm so glad that your son is doing better. It's scary for them to get so sick when they are far away from home. Nick was sick from Thanksgiving day through Christmas and about a week after. I was so incredibly thankful to have him home after finals to focus all our energy on getting him well.

  3. Love Nick's shirt from Mellissa and your robot cutter and cookies are so cute.

  4. Do you still have a robot cookie cutter for sale? I don't see it on your etsy store and I want to buy one! :)

  5. Will you email me a reply at


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