Thursday, July 11, 2013

Number 50 Cookies and a New Cookie Cutter

I have had my beautiful pink bicycle since August 1st, 2006. During those almost 7 years, I've asked, no begged, my husband to get a bicycle and ride with me. But no. He had absolutely no interest in cycling...for seven years. Since I got my bicycle, I've put just under 30,000 miles on that pretty pink bike. Yes, 30k miles in 7 years. I love cycling.

A friend of my husband's told him that he should get a bike. So he bought a bike. What?! Hmm. I know where I rank. Fine. So he bought himself a bicycle. The first day that he got the bike, he set up a bike ride. With his wife? Um, no. With his friend. That's ok. I'm still excited he finally got a bike. He went with the guys and went up and down dirt trails and jumped off sidewalks and acted like he was 7. Oh did I mention that my husband is 51 years old? 

The first few rides that hubby and I have gone on, he yelled to me "I don't want to go too far". I know dear. "I don't want to climb too much". I know dear. Then about the third or fourth ride, he figured out that I wasn't going to make him ride a gazillion miles or climb anything that he wasn't ready for. He has even said "I want to go climb this or that" and my response "you're not ready for that one yet". So now he trusts me and we're having a great time. We've only done a handful of rides so far and yesterday's ride we finally got past the 7-mile mark with 500 feet of climbing. 

Today he decided he wants to buy another, even more expensive bike because he "loves cyling". My response? "Um, NO". But I worded it nicely as "you're not ready yet dear". ;-)

A customer asked me to make number 50 cookies for her 50th birthday party. Since hubby is just over 50, I thought I'd share our newest adventure into cycling together along with these fun 50 cookies.

50 Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Card HERE
Download Birthday BOY Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
Download Birthday GIRL Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
 I made this 50 cookie cutter and it includes a center for the 0. I used the center piece just as an impression on my dough instead of cutting out the hole. You can get your very own 50 cookie cutter HERE

Here's the tutorial picture for your use (just right click on the photo and save it) or download the tutorial card at the top of this post
 I made lots of the 50 number cookies
50's with swirls 
 50's with dots
50's with stripes 
 50's with camo
and 50's with a simplistic look
and then I bagged them all up
 with a pretty cookie tag
 These 50's were really fun to make, especially since they were in my favorite colors!
Hubby and I are off for a quick bike ride... have a great evening!

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  1. Hi Krstin! Love this! Will you have a 60!? I am doing sweets for a combined 50/60 party and these would be perfect..

    1. Hi Kristen.. Not sure if you saw my question? Wondering if you will have a 60?

    2. Hi Miss Tracy, Yes, I saw your earlier comment and I have it saved in my in box. I've had a lot of requests for numbers and they are on my list, but that list is quite long of all the cutters that I want to get out of my head ;-) But yes, I heard you and I have your suggestion saved. Thank you!

  2. Cristin those cookies look amazing. They would make a pretty cake topper.

    Lynn lynnsuniquecreations

    1. Thanks Lynn! Yes, these would be really fun on a cake! Great idea!

  3. Hi Cristin,
    I loved your work, cookies, that imagination, that most beautiful work. I hope to enjoy many more post and congratulate you.

  4. Love this! You should produce cutters for each decade! I will need an 80 cookie cutter in a few months, so please post if you do one! Thanks and great job!


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