Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fun Sand Buckets and Cookie Cutter

I made these cookies for Valentines Day "I Dig You" sand buckets. One of my wonderful cookie cutter customers asked if I would provide the outline of how I decorated them, so a few days ago, I made a couple more with my last batch of decorated cookies. The sand bucket cookies are perfect for summer. Another one of my cookie cutter customers even bought 12 of these sand bucket cookie cutters to give out to her cookie decorating friends! I bet you wish you were close buddies with her!

I started by making a sand bucket cookie cutter. And you know me, I wanted to make it extra fun, so I added lots of fun details. You can get the sand bucket cookie cutter here in my Etsy shop.
Then I outlined the design. You can right click on this photo to save it to your desktop for your own use too. You can add the handle to the pail later after it's decorated or now like I did on this one.
 and here's the final product that I made for Valentines Day
 and the one I made a couple days ago with colors that I had for a different project. On both designs, I used a light tan/brown color for the sand and then I added white sanding sugar for the glistening effect.
This is what they looked like all packaged up for Valentines Day.
and Abigail enjoying the summer. I can't believe she is going to turn 1 already in just 16 days! This year has flown by!
Once I got my orders filled, I was able to fit in a bike ride. I didn't have much time, so I made it a productive ride. Only 20 miles, but it had almost 2,000 feet of climbing!  So with all the energy that comes with a work-out, now I'm off to go bake some cookies. I received a message from a customer saying that she let me have a break after how busy I was in May and June, but now she really wants cookies! I have a GREAT idea of what I'm going to make for her. I'm SO excited!

Summer sand Bucket blog background for today:


  1. Thanks again Cristin for the outline. Kath

    1. Happy to help Kathleen and thanks for catching that I forgot to provide the outline for this one! I hope you'll post pictures of your cookies on my Facebook page!


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