Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Henrietta the Hippo Cookie Cutter & Free Printable Cookie Tags

My computer worked great for 5 years, but then it gave out. For the last few weeks, I've been seeing the blue screen of death (physical memory dump). I've been making sure to back-up all my documents and pictures and files often because I knew it wasn't going to hold out. And I started the process of researching new computers. I'm not an impulse shopper at all. I research and read reviews and make absolutely sure that I'll be happy with my purchase. Then I run that item into the ground with constant use. So I did all my research and finalized on my computer and the components I wanted. I knew all the new computers are coming equipped with Windows 8, so I started learning the new operating system. I thought I was prepared. Little did I know that EVERYTHING on Windows 8 is different. Everything. As in good luck figuring out how to respond in email, or how to close a picture file or how to use all the new apps and when you really want to pull your hair out, just try to find the program files on your new computer. Then in your spare time (you know those wee hours of 4am - 6 am before you go to bed) make sure to start downloading all your software and transferring all your documents, pictures, music and such to your new computer. Fun. Yaa fun. No, not really.

So I took a little break from all that to do something fun. I'd like to introduce you to Henrietta the Hippo. I love her. I giggled while making her. I got an email from one of my favorite customers saying that she needed "cookie therapy". I love the customers that let me make whatever I want. Play time. So she bought all the Henrietta cookies and the Frankie Fish cookies too. Then I got this really nice email: "OMG! Cookies are amazing! You out did yourself this time. My office assistant saw that the box was from you and called me immediately and asked to open the box. Hilarious! And so I had to share one. But only one! I'm hiding the rest!" Now THAT is the way to make someone's day!

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE

This is Henrietta the Hippo. She is happy to be swimming in the cool, sparkly water on this hot day. You can get your own Henrietta cookie cutter HERE
 I started by outlining my design.
 Then I made a bunch more.
 The hippos make me smile. I added sparkling sugar to the waves of water. On some of the hippos, I added a sparkly hair bow and some of them, I added a royal icing flower. I bought the cute royal icing flowers from DecorationDreamz4U Etsy shop. She ships super quick and does a beautiful job on the royal icing flowers.
 Then I made cute hippo cookie tags and made some for you to download here
Then I sent a message to Amy at Happy Heart Studios Etsy shop and I begged her to make me some hippo digital papers for me to use to create my hippo blog post background. As always, she came through for me and super quick too! 

I had a lot of fun with these hippo cookies. And guess who they match...

Hippo blog background for today (thank you for the digital papers Amy!!!):


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