Monday, September 9, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish and Free Printable Cookie Tags Too

There was a lot of yelling going on at my house yesterday. No, hubby and I weren't having a battle. It was opening day of football! Sometimes I'm thankful that my dog is pretty much completely deaf. Eddie used to get really freaked out when hubby yelled, but now that he is almost 12 years old, he can sit right next to hubby yelling at the television and not hear a thing.

While hubby and his friends watched the football game, I made cookies. I bought little Abigail a dress with a cute fish on it and I was determined to make it into cookies. So I had some fun with these.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
I started by making the Freddie the Fish cookie cutter and you can get one too HERE I have already used this cutter so many times since I made it!
and then I outlined my design. You can download the tutorial card in the link above (highlighted in yellow at the top of the blog post)
After the outline was dry, I filled the fins with mint green icing and then put dark green sanding sugar on it while it was still wet. I used my paint brush to clear off the excess sugar and then I filled the fins with fuchsia icing and the body of the fish with electric green icing. I let that dry and then I added the fuchsia cheek and the detail on the fuchsia fins. Lastly I added a couple of eyelashes, not shown in this picture, but shown in the others above. 

Then I decided to add in some bubbles that I originally made with my bubble blowing cookies. I've already had a lot of use for these bubbles since I've used them with the bubble blowing cookies, the rubber ducky cookies and now the fish cookies :-)

Since I made these fish cookies to match Abigail's dress, I also made a cookie cutter to help me make straight stripes. So I made some striped cookies to also match Abigail's little fishy outfit
To make the stripes, I decided to make a cutter to use as a press to get the lines just right
You can get this thin rectangle cookie cutter to use as a press for stripes too. The rectangle stripe cookie cutter is available HERE
So I had a lot of fun making fishy cookies. I know you're waiting to see how they match little Abigail...

 Since Abigail is walking now and constantly on the go, it's close to impossible to get her picture now. Thankfully my daughter, Mellissa, figured out this great plan. She says "hands up" and whatever Abigail is doing, she stops and puts her hands up. It only gives a split second to take a photo, but so far, it's working ;-)
Oh and before I forget, I made some really cute fish cookie tags and made some for you too. Go HERE to download your own fish cookie tags. I packaged up the bubbles with the fish cookie for this fun look :-) 
My little muse... I had a lot of fun with these cookies. Two of my favorite customers contacted me yesterday and asked for "cookie therapy". Since I had just finished these, one of the customers lucked out with me having cookies available. I have more play cookies coming tomorrow if all goes as planned.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. That's certainly a cute way to get a photo of busy little Abigail and how cute is she in her little fish dress! Your cookies are fun (love the glitter on the fins) and what a great idea to have the option of a tutorial card included with the cookie cutter order. Hope Abigail's Mom is feeling good and that the pregnancy is going well.

  2. Cristin. Just when I said I need to cut back on buying cookie/cake decorating supplies you put adorable Abigail in another cute outfit. And of course you have to make a cookie cutter out of it. LOL:) I will have to cut back on something else. I am buying this cutter. Kathy

    1. Ha ha, that totally made me laugh Kathy. You can cut back on milk and eggs. Cookie cutters are a necessity ;-)


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