Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roller Skate Cookies and Cookie Cutters

Do you remember the movie Ice Castles? The old one. I know, I'm dating myself. I loved it. I loved ice skating when I was a very young girl in New York and then loved roller skating when we moved to California. I could do the full Ice Castles routine on my roller skates substituting a single axle when Lexi did a triple in the movie ;-) I skated every day. For hours. I still own 2 pairs of roller skates to this day. No wait, make that 3 pairs.

So when a customer asked me for roller skate cookies, I was more than happy to make them and I had a lot of fun with them too.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Tutorial Cards Available HERE
Download Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE
and then I even made a roller skating person
and I made a girl set
and a boy set
ok, truth be told, I made A LOT of roller skate cookies
I started by making a nice sized roller skate cookie cutter available HERE
 and then I outlined my design
 I had almost a full table of roller skate cookies
then I filled in the colors and added a large candy dot to the wheels
 and that would have been fine, but just for fun, I made a few of these roller skate guys too and I was so happy with them and my customer enjoyed the extra surprise too. Cookie Cutters available HERE
 here is the roller skate dude outlined
 Pretty fun together huh. They were perfect for their roller skate theme party.
 Are you a roller skater? Did you even buy those sneakers with the hidden wheel on the back heel that you could pull out and skate around while you were walking? Yaa me too.
and then I bagged them all up for Duncan's birthday party.

I'm still muddling through trying to get all my pictures transferred from my old computer. What a boring, boring, boring thing to do and hugely time consuming. I need an assistant to do the boring stuff while I just play cookies. Yep, that's what I need.

I don't have a picture of Abigail roller skating just yet, but this is a picture my daughter took when she asked Abigail if she wanted to go to Grandma's house :-)
Have a great day everyone!

Roller Skating blog background for today:


  1. Hi Cristin. I was a big roller skater back in the day. Had so much fun roller skating. The cookies are adorable.


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