Monday, September 30, 2013

It's A Fight

It's a FIGHT. Yes, it is. I joined the fight against Cancer in 2007 when my father called me and told me "you better sit down". The call came about a week before my Black Belt test. I had been practicing karate about 3 hours a day and building up strength in preparation for the big test. Then the rug was pulled out from under me. My father had Cancer. Esophageal Cancer. Cancer in his throat. He couldn't swallow. He had already lost a ton of weight. I told him he would be okay. I told him he could fight. I told him I would be there.

Over the next couple days I'm going to share some cookies that I made (9 designs). I gave them to the biggest supporters of the LiveStrong Challenge fundraising campaign we did.

My friend Tami, of Tami Rena's Cookies, posted butterfly ribbon cookies that she had made. I immediately contacted her and asked her how she made them. She had made them by hand-cutting her cookie dough. I don't do that. Ever. I hate to hand-cut cookies. So I asked her if she would mind if I made a cookie cutter using her design. Being the incredibly kind and generous person she is, she was more than happy to share.

So she drew out her design on paper and scanned it and sent it to me. I made some minor changes, making the sides aspect and sent it to her for approval. Then I made the cookie cutter and sent her the first one. Then we went to the LiveStrong Challenge and continued the fight. Here are the cookies that Tami made using the cookie cutter I sent her.

Aren't they incredibly beautiful! She is so talented!
 So then I made some for my LiveStrong Challenge supporters. You can get one of the butterfly Cancer ribbon cookie cutters designed by Tami Rena here in my Etsy shop
 I started by drawing the ribbon and while it was still wet, I added sanding sugar.
 After the outline and sanding sugar were completely dry, I flooded the white butterfly wings and the cancer ribbon. After that was fully dry, I used white icing to add some details to the butterfly wings.
 Then I decided to also make a Cancer ribbon with Angel wings available in my Etsy shop. I was really happy with both designs (butterfly wings & angel wings on a Cancer ribbon).

 and I made some regular Cancer ribbon cookies too (cutter available in my Etsy shop). I used the inset as a press instead of cutting out the center hole.

I also used my oval watermelon cookie cutter and made it into a LiveStrong bracelet (available in my Etsy shop).

 So that's the first 4 cookie cutters that I made in this year's fight against Cancer. I didn't tell any of my fundraising supporters that I would be sending them cookies, so they were pretty excited when they arrived. I am so very appreciative for their support. Together, Eddie's Angels has raised $24,537.00 in the fight against Cancer. We have been blessed by incredible support.

Thank you to Tricia-Rennea, Illustrator for making these perfect bicycle clipart images for our team. I sent one to each of our supporters to use as their profile picture to show they supported the fight against Cancer.
I had this onesie made for little Abigail for the LiveStrong Challenge
 Cutie Patootie right?!
Then we went to the LiveStrong Challenge to do our part in the fight.
and when we finished, we still had smiles
 someone loves her grandma
 It was a rough day, but we finished. In memory of my dad, Ed Ducey.

 When you know this little angel is waiting at the finish line, you can push through that wind to get there. When it was REALLY rough on that 100-mile ride, I thought of all the people that donated and showed their support in the fight against Cancer.

 oh and let me just say, that Mellissa Anne, if you ever do this to my bike again, you're in really, really BIG trouble!
More cookies in this fight tomorrow.
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  1. Abigails's onesie is the cutest thing ever, especially with her in it!

    1. Thank you Sue! We ordered it months and months ahead of time because it was just too perfect for her! :-)

  2. I love all the cookies...and the cutters...just ordered some..and can not wait to make cookies for the bake sale at work! Thank you for all you do!


    1. Thank you Kimmie and thank you for your patience. I know you've been waiting for these. There are more in this theme coming tomorrow too. I hope you'll share pictures of your work bake sale cookies!

  3. hey! well then next year you can figure out how to get everything to fit in the car!!

    1. Ha ha ha ;-) I thought you'd find that funny! Love you Missa Anne!


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