Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Announcement for Cristin's Cookies and a Girly Spa Day

Today is finally the big day! I have a big announcement! I have been working behind the scenes for quite a while now on a very exciting opportunity and today I finally get to share the news...

Cristin's Cookies is now partnering with! As you know, I've been making my own cookie cutters for about a year and a half and selling them throughout the world. It's been a very exciting endeavor, but I also have learned that it is NOT a one-person job. So I've broken my job up into a more manageable piece. I will still create cookie cutter designs, make the cookies and tutorials and blog and the team at will make the cookie cutters, ship the orders and answer customer questions. CCC is a great company and they ship super fast and are wonderful to order from. I've been very excited about partnering up with them.

So I thought it fitting that our first set of cookie cutters to share our announcement should be Spa Day cookie cutters. Because you know, it's been quite a busy year and a half and I need a spa day ;-) But really, I made these fun cookies for my daughter's birthday because seriously, if anyone has been busy, it's my daughter with two babies under 2 years old!

You can purchase the new Spa Day cookie cutters HERE!
Download the Tutorial Cards HERE
and download cookie bag toppers HERE

This is Melinda the Mud Mask Spa Girl available here

 Notice that I first decorated her face and then after that dried, I added on the lime green face mask.

and Traci the Towel Head Spa Girl available here

and Felicia the Foot Tub Spa Girl available here

Bathrobe available here

Bath Tub available here

Bath Salts Jar available here

Mud Mask Jar available here

Spa Mask available here
 I used a straw to cut out holes on the sides of my spa mask before baking them and then I used licorice candy as the ties on the spa mask :-) and buttercream icing for the ruffle edges around the spa mask
Sandals WITH Sides available here

 My favorite is the sandal WITH sides, see how the straps come out past the sandal? I like that look.
Sandals NO Sides available here

Spa Rocks available here

Candle available here

5-Petal Flower available here

 Foot available here

Nail Polish available here

See how cute the foot & nail polish look together!
Lips available here

 Lipstick available here

Look how cute the lipstick & lips go together. I even packaged them together. Fun!
Make Up Double Compact available here

 Make Up Single Compact available here

 and I used a small rectangle cookie cutter to make eye lashes for Spa Day too
and Toe Holder available here

I had a great time making these spa day cookies for my daughter's birthday. Which one is your favorite?

Don't forget to stop by CheapCookieCutters to see the new collection of cookie cutters by Cristin's Cookies! And after you have your spa day cookie cutters, download the tutorial cards here. I can't wait to see your cookies!

Happy Birthday to my Mellissa! If anyone needs a spa day, it's this girl. She is mother of two under 2. She nurses both babies, she takes them to music class, she teaches them constantly and Abigail can already spell her own name and knows all her colors, numbers, shapes. Can you tell I'm a proud grandma?! You're amazing Mellissa with all you do with these precious babies!
Thank you to for partnering up with me and making it possible for me to design fun cookie designs and share them with the cookie world!

Spa Day blog background:
Clipart & graphics from Babystar Design


  1. So excited for you, Crisitn! That's awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter, Melissa! Yep, she deserves a spa day:) I adore this set of cookies, especially the girl with the green mask!

    1. Thank you so much sweet Sue! Melinda the Mud Mask Spa Girl is my very favorite too. I had so much fun with her and figuring out how to get the "mud" on her face after she was already decorated ;-)

  2. Mellissa, Happy Birthday! Cristin, What a great set of cutters and so many! I am going to have fun decorating these. Kathy

    1. Thank you Kathy! This was a fun set that I've been excited to share! I hope you'll share pictures of your cookies too!

  3. Happy Birthday Mellissa!! And congratulations to you my dear friend!!!

  4. Oh Cristin that is great news! Congrats and happy birthday to your sweet Melissa.

    1. Thank you so much sweet Giselle! I always love to hear from you!

  5. Wow Cristin! I wish you lots of success in your new endeavor!

    1. Thank you so much Anne! It was a difficult decision to make, but I'm already feeling the sigh of relief :-)

  6. Congratulations, Cristin! You are very talented and your cookies and cutters are beautiful!

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  8. Hi Cristin, I love the new cutters, they are beautiful. You know I love your work, I find adorable, congratulations. Rosa from Madrid (Spain)

  9. Congratulations on this new partnership with Cheap Cookie Cutters! How exciting for you. Love your spa collection cookies (I'm sure they will be a big seller too). Mellissa and the grand babies look wonderful. Best wishes to her for a wonderful year :)

  10. Cristin, I couldn't be happier for you, and it is so well-deserved! I love the spa cookies and cutters, and the face mask one is my fave!


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