Friday, May 23, 2014

Cookie Cutter Challenge - Play Along!

Well now that and I are in a partnership with our beautiful pink cookie cutters, it's time to PLAY! Lets do our first Cookie Cutter Challenge together! 

I designed this cookie cutter and I know it will be a fun one because there are SO many things it could be and SOOOO many creative cookie decorators out there. 
How to play along...

1. Click here to buy your challenge cookie cutter
2. Send me your email address so I know who is joining in the fun - email me at 
3. Bake & decorate your cookie in whatever design you see - ONE entry per participant (you choose which one, not me)
4. Email me ONE picture of ONE of your cookies BY JUNE 13th and include a link to your Facebook page or website (optional)
5. Keep your cookie a secret (do not post pictures until we share the collage together)


I will compile a collage of all the entries and I will send it to each of you by Sunday, June 15th along with the name of each participant and a link to their page (optional). We will all share the collage on Monday, June 19th.

The Cookie Cutter Challenge is only open to the first 11 participants. All entries must be received by June 13th to be included in the collage.You do NOT have to be an experienced cookie decorator or a rock star. Just join in the fun. If I receive all 11 entries early, then we can choose to release the collage early (together). The squares on the collage will be in order of when I receive the cookie picture from each participant (the first cookie picture received will be the first in the collage). The only other rule is to HAVE FUN.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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