Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get Well Soon Cookies

My daughter had surgery yesterday. I was SUCH a nervous wreck. Not only is she the momma to my two grandbabies, but she is also my best friend. She is the strongest person I know and fiercely self-sufficient. It should be really interesting to try to help her during recovery. So it's good timing that I'm posting Get Well cookies. I actually didn't make these for my daughter though. I had a customer asking me for cookies for them to give to the nursing staff at a fertility clinic. She and her husband went through fertility treatments and the nursing staff and the pharmacy staff were so helpful that she wanted to give them some special cookies. She let me run with the designs and as usual, I went a bit overboard and had a lot of fun with them.

Get Well Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
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Doctor & Nurse Platter 1
 Doctor & Nurse Platter 2
 Doctor Platter
Nurse Platter
 Fertility Platter
 Pharmacist Platter
Doctor Dan cookie cutter available HERE

Nurse Nancy Cookie Cutter Available HERE

Nurse Hat Cookie Cutter Available HERE

Nurse Shirt Available HERE

Clipboard available HERE

Stethoscope available HERE

Doctor Bag available HERE

Bandage available HERE

Tissue Box available HERE

Thermometer available HERE

Ambulance available HERE


Pill Bottle available HERE

Cough Syrup Bottle available HERE

Syringe/Needle available HERE

Pill available HERE

Mortar & Pestle available HERE

Test Tube available HERE

Sperm cookie cutter available HERE

Boy Chromosome available HERE

 Girl Chromosome available HERE

Boy Baby cookie cutter available HERE

 Girl Baby cookie cutter available HERE

So basically a Get Well set paired together with a Pharmacy set and a Fertility set. While my daughter was in the hospital, I got to babysit my granddaughter. I think we played every single toy, book, game and more that I have here. We made homemade muffins and played in a baby pool. We talked constantly and enjoyed lots of hugs. I enjoyed our day together and then when she went down for a nap, I worried about my daughter and couldn't get my emotions in check. Thankfully Mellissa came through the surgery perfectly fine and all our prayers were answered. Huge sigh of relief!

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  1. Hope your daughter is doing better. Love the cookies. Each platter is fantastic. Kathy

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! Mellissa is doing much better! Hugs!

  2. wow....What unique cookies! I love 'em, but more importantly, I'm happy to hear that your daughter came through surgery successfully & I hope her recovery is speedy

    1. Aww thank you so much Joni. Yes, Mellissa is doing much better. I'm going to go see her and the babies tomorrow and see what I can do to help. Thank you for the kind words :-)

  3. Glad your daughter is doing well! That sperm cookie cracked me up. Love it! :)

  4. Quite a fun and comprehensive collection of cookies! I hope that your daughter has a full and quick recovery from her surgery. I'm sure she is very glad that you are around to help her out.

    1. Thank you sweet Paula! Mellissa is healing well and I've enjoyed some extra time with the grandbabies :-)


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