Monday, June 16, 2014

Mystery Cookie Cutter - REVEALED

Are you ready to see the results of our Cookie Cutter Challenge? I made a cookie cutter and invited other cookie decorators to a challenge game to see what everyone would come up with. I was so excited to see all the photos start coming in! Thank you to all the cookie decorators that joined in the fun!

Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge May 2014

Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge Participants:

#3 Danielle Z.
#4 Shoshana of Cookies n' Cream
#5 Erin of Lucky Girl Cookies
#6 Vicky S.
#7 Sandy of Kids and Sewing 
#8 Cristin of Cristin's Cookies 

There were a few more people that bought the cookie cutter to play the challenge with us, but then I didn't hear back from them or receive their cookie photos. I'm sure they thought of super fun things to make too though. 

I immediately saw a sea diver in the cookie cutter and that is what Vicky saw too :-)

 The cute fishies on the dive helmet are royal icing transfers. Since I don't use royal icing (I am a glaze icing girl), I called upon a couple of my cookie decorator friends and asked them to make me some fishies. Thank you to Laurie of Cookie Bliss and Stephanie of Sweet Creations by Stephanie for making me some adorable fishie royal icing transfers. My granddaughter, Abigail, is obsessed with fish, so I knew she would get a kick out of these.
 and my finished sea diver cookies from the challenge cookie cutter

So what did YOU think it was going to be? Do you see something different than the photos from our challenge participants? When you go to the links above, some of the challenge participants created additional cookies from this cutter that they will be sharing on their pages too.

I have more that I will be sharing tomorrow with my challenge cutter. Stay tuned...

Thanks for playing everyone!

Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge blog background for today:


  1. Thanks for the fun challenge, Cristin! It was fun to see all of the cookies. Your scuba divers with the little fish are cute!

    1. Thank you Sue. I'm so excited you were able to join us in the fun. I absolutely LOVE your pink mug of hot cocoa!

  2. So clever and, of course, adorable! I thought it was broccoli :/

    1. ooh it would definitely work as broccoli too :-) thanks Jenny!


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