Friday, September 19, 2014

Back To School And Cookies Too

I went for a bike ride late yesterday afternoon. I had such a nice ride and was thankful to get away from my to do list for a little bit. It was 88+ degrees and I live in the hills, so I decided to drive to the trail instead of riding to it because otherwise I would have to climb my way back home and I knew it was too miserably hot for that. When I arrived at the trail head, there was only one other car in the parking lot. The entire 26 mile ride, I only saw 2 other people. It turned out to be super windy, especially the further I got South. At one point, I was pushing the pedals as hard as I could and I was only going a little more than 10 mph! But it was a great work-out. Thankfully when I got to the end of the trail and turned around, I had phenomenal tailwinds that pushed me along the trail at 18-22 mph! Since the wind usually goes the other way in the afternoon, it was quite a treat to have such an easy ride back to my car. Unfortunately when I arrived back at my car, I found a huge gaping hole where my window should have been :( Thankfully I didn't bring my wallet and didn't have any valuables in my car. They got a few re-usable shopping bags from my car and that's it. So then it's just the inconvenience of dealing with the insurance company and getting the window replaced. It could have been much worse. And at least I get to share some fun cookies and cookie cutters with you.

Most cookie decorators have already made back to school cookies, but I was out of town taking my son back to college, so I got a late start. I was pretty excited to make these for him though and I made enough that I was able to send some to friends too. My son always calls us on Facetime when he gets a special treat package from me, so I'm excited to see his happy face.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 School House with bushes, cookie cutter available HERE

 School bus front facing, cookie cutter available HERE

 Backpack for school, cookie cutter available HERE

 Chubby pencil, designed by Nicole of Salsa Sweets with the original design by Callye of Sugarbelle's, cookie cutter available HERE

Samantha Girl Student with pigtails, cookie cutter available HERE 

Apple cookie cutter available HERE

 Ruler Rectangle cookie cutter available HERE

and the Mini Star cookie cutter available HERE
and my poor car that was broken into yesterday. Thankfully I didn't have anything of value in the car.

and little Aidan thinks he's ready for school with his bus pajamas
and my muse little Abigail with a school backpack for our outings together
I hope Nick enjoys the fun school cookies that I sent to him in college!

 School blog background for today:

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