Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Those Little Halloween Monsters

I have a big ride coming up on Saturday. It's funny because 100-mile bike ride didn't used to be a "big" ride when I was stronger, but now it's such a big ride that I'm scared. So what am I doing? I'm praying for rain ;-) I could say that is because, here in California, we are in such a drought that we need rain. Yep, lets go with that. But really, I haven't ridden enough in the last 2 years and made enough healthy time for me. Not to mention I was really sick for about 11 days and I'm still in the coughing stage of that bug. But you know, the drought thing, we'll just blame it on that. So if you want to do a little rain dance for California so that the ride gets canceled, that would be okay with me!

I made some more monster cookies for Halloween that I sent to the Go Bo Foundation in the fight against Cancer. 

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Frankenstein cookie cutter available HERE

 Bride of Frankenstein cookie cutter available HERE

 Dracula cookie cutter available HERE

 Mummy cookie cutter available HERE

 Skull cookie cutter available HERE

 Wolfie cookie cutter available HERE

 and Aidan became a little monster just for my cookie display because normally he's a little angel
 Are you ready to see Christmas cookies yet? I think I'll do just a few Thanksgiving cookies and then jump right into Christmas since I have A LOT of new Christmas designs that are already ready to share.

Monster character blog post for today:

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