Monday, October 27, 2014

Obsession with Owls - Owl Cookies & Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers

Are you obsessed with owls? A LOT of people are. Personally my obsessions are more toward penguins and polar bears, but I do love owls too. I made this owl cookie cutter when my granddaughter was only a few months old. The original design matched a pair of Abigail's pajamas, but this time I used the same cookie cutter and created a new design with the same cutter. I'm very happy with how these owl cookies came out. My customer wanted owl cookies for her daughter's first birthday party and using the colors pink, red and yellow. I had fun with them.
Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
Ollie the Owl cookie cutter available HERE
I started with my new design using my existing Ollie the Owl cookie cutter
 I outlined all the cookies with the new design
 I filled the tree branch first so that it would have time to dry so I could add some detail to the branch later after it was dry
 Then I filled the eyes and beak and feet on each owl
 Then I made the body of the owl pink for 1/3 of the total owls and yellow for 1/3 of them and red for 1/3 of them so that there would be a nice variety when they were finished being decorated
 Then I switched off colors for the belly and the wings and the detail on the tummy

 my favorite are the pink owls of course

 yellow body owls

 and red body owls
it was very late at night when I finished decorating all of them, so excuse the bad lighting of the completed table of owl cookies 
 I used a black edible marker to add lines to the tree limb under the owl

This was the original design of Ollie the Owl that matched Abigail's pajamas
 and the newer design using the same cookie cutter

I think this means that I need to buy 2-year old Abigail a new owl outfit. Right? Yep, I knew you would agree ;-)

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  1. Hi Cristin, I purchased this cutter awhile ago. Thanks for posting the detailed tutorial on how to decorate. It is a big help. Kathy

    1. Happy to help Kathleen. It's a great little owl. I had a lot of fun designing her both ways. Have fun!


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