Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby's First Christmas Cookies

Did you give out Halloween candy? I wasn't going to this year. I know, bad me. But here's what it looks like... you're baking a gazillion cookies. You live in a city with 2 MILLION people. It's Halloween. It's raining, but that doesn't matter. Your doorbell rings. You clean off the flour from your hands and stop rolling out cookies. You get up and answer the door and you see these super cute youngins in their super fun costumes. You comment on how cute they look and you truly admire their costumes. Then you go back to your baking. You just get the flour back on your hands and the doorbell rings again. You're a little less enthusiastic in their costumes, but still happy to give out candy. Repeat scenario. You know, like 1,000 times. The oven timer is beeping, you have flour on your hands, you can't remember how many cookies of each design you just baked. But then you think, I have 3 bowls of halloween candy to give out, so you continue on. Until about 8:30 and you convince hubby to go for a walk and get away from the door and the baking and you take a little break. Then you come back and NO ONE comes to the door and yes, you are left with a ton of halloween candy that your ever expanding bum really doesn't need. I think next year I'll skip it! But I did make some really fun Christmas cookies. Skipping a holiday in between. I know.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Baby in Stocking Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

 Pixie the Bear with Stocking Hat (can also be decorated as a polar bear), Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

Baby's First, Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

Baby Abigail Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE 

 Isn't she cute for Christmas!
 Baby Boy Eddie, Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

 and then I added in my birthday confetti to this Christmas platter too. Confetti 1 Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

 and Confetti 2, Cookie Cutter In Stock HERE

 don't forget to download the cookie bag toppers in the yellow section at the top of each blog post
Last year I made the most fun Christmas gift for little Abigail. It is a cookie book with velcro tags that she had to find the matching tag and attach it to each cookie page. She loved it and now we have 5 cookie books!

 Baby Christmas blog background for today:


  1. Earlier this month I had already made a purchase of Christmas cookie cutters, but I could not avoid the temptation with these new so pretty. I love your work, congratulations and kisses from Madrid
    A big fan, Rosa Galán

    1. Thank you Rosa! I'm sure you will have so much fun making lots of Christmas cookies. There are more coming too. It's going to be a really fun season for sure! :-) Merry Christmas! Cristin


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