Friday, November 7, 2014

Reindeer Cookies For Christmas

When my youngest child was little, our neighbor would give him a bag of "reindeer food" to put out on the lawn every Christmas Eve. It was basically chex mix or something, but every Christmas Eve, Nick would put out the reindeer food so that Rudolph and his team would know where to find us. Somehow it always worked. We have lots of fun Christmas traditions that we'll now be able to share with our grandchildren, Abigail and Aidan. I had a lot of fun making these reindeer designs into yummy cookies. I'm getting really excited about Christmas. Are you?

Reindeer Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Rudy the Reindeer full body. I just love his expression and blue eyes and of course is sparkly winter scarf. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Ralph Reindeer Head can be decorated with so many different facial expressions. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and more of Ralph Reindeer Head, Cookie cutter available HERE

Reindeer Joy is a very popular cookie and cookie cutter and nice and easy to decorate too. Cookie cutter available HERE

 I made some Reindeer Joy in pink & lime to match little Abigail's dress that I got for her.
So which is cuter? Abigail in her reindeer dress or the fun reindeer cookies? Yaaa I know... but the cookies come close right?

Reindeer blog background for today:


  1. It was glitter and confetti! Not chex mix! Lol. But anyway, Abigail's cuter of course but the cookies are certainly adorable! You should post a pic of her wearing the dress this year too, man has she changed!!!

    1. Does she still fit in the dress from last year?? If so, please send me a picture. I just ordered a new reindeer dress too.


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