Friday, November 14, 2014

I Want, I Want, I Want... Beetle Car Cookies and Cookie Cutter

You know how when you really, really want something, you start to see it EVERYWHERE? Well I've wanted a pink VW Beetle car for about 7 years now. Yes, 7 years. But I KNOW that someday I WILL own a pink VW Beetle car. I will. It will be my next car. My current car is 9 years old, but it's holding in pretty well. And well, we have a kid in college. So that is the priority on the money, that and grandbabies. And so I wait. Patiently. Until I see a VW Beetle drive by and then I whine just a little bit. Would you believe there are TWO PINK VW Beetles in the city about 15 miles away from me?! It is such a rare thing to see a PINK VW Beetle and yet there are 2 of them close by. When I get one, mine will be different because it will be a convertible. And the girl driving it will have pink hair. Someday. So in the meantime, I made some pink Beetle cookies.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
I made this really fun beetle car cookie cutter with a tree on top for Christmas because it's easy to cut off the tree for other times too. Cookie cutter available HERE 

Aren't these fun! 
Cookie cutter available HERE  

 and then I made some beetle cars without the tree by easily cutting the tree off the cookie before baking. See below.
With tree and without 
 I know I won't be getting my dream car for Christmas until after we're done paying for college, but it is fun to dream about it anyway.
 and since I'm a really nice grandma, I bought Abigail a pink car even though I couldn't have one. 
 but then I went all out and bought Abigail & Aidan the super super cool VW Beetle car. Isn't this just the cutest thing EVER?! It is a Barbie car, but I left off the Barbie stickers and added a bicycle decal to the back.
 and I pimped it out by making it powered by cookies
 and I bought this really cute decal Cookies it's how I roll car cling from Shannon of Artfully Designed Etsy Shop
 I think the grandbabies like their new pink car!
and then because I couldn't help myself, I bought them a THIRD pink car. This one I get to push and I'm excited to take them to the park.
Someday I'll have a really cool pink car too.
So tell me, do you like the little bit darker pink
 or do you like the lighter pink better?

Beetle Car blog background for today:


  1. I see you in the darker pink... it's bolder, brighter, and more fun- like you!!!

    1. Thanks Jen! That is two votes for the darker pink and one for the lighter pink so far. I still can't decide. I love them both. My bike is the lighter pink, but it would look cute on either car for sure. The two Beetles in my area are the lighter pink.


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