Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Penguin Obsession - Cookies, Cookie Cutters & Tutorials

If you could only choose one thing to obsess over, what would it be? One thing. It's not as easy as it seems. For me it would be PENGUINS.... and pink, and polar bears, and cycling, and baby clothes and of course cookies. Oh wait. One thing. Okay I would have to go with penguins. It used to be tigers for me, but then a few years ago, I hosted a birthday party for my daughter and the theme was penguins and polar bears. I've been hooked ever since. The very first cookie cutter I ever made was Polly the Ice Skating Penguin, so I'm very loyal to her. I've had more fun than I can ever describe making Polly the Ice Skating Penguin cookies. And from there... well I've made a few more penguin cookie cutters. Are you ready? Try not to get obsessed with them. Just try...

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I'm pretty sure this will ALWAYS be my most favorite cookie cutter ever. I dream about her. I love her. This is Polly the Ice Skating Penguin. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Can you see why she's my most favorite? Soooo cute!

 And this is my latest penguin cookie cutter design. I named her Pamela the Penguin. She has a very large bow on her head and she's super easy to decorate. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this Peter the Skiing Penguin. The design of the cutter has been changed slightly so that the ski poles are now attached. The decorating design is still the same. I'm excited to make more of these this season with the new design. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this is Piper the Penguin with stringy hat. You've probably seen her decorated as a polar bear too on my earlier blog post. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and this is Piper's brother also named Piper. As you can see, I made him using the same cookie cutter and all I did was cut off the two edges for a different boyish look to him. Same as above Piper the Penguin with stringy hat, cookie cutter is available HERE

 Two ways to decorate Piper the Penguin and as a Polar Bear from my earlier blog post too.
 Then I bagged up all my penguin cookies and I shared a cookie topper for you too (always at the top of the blog post highlighted in yellow for your own use)
I used lots and lots of icing colors to play with my penguin cookies 
and my sweet muse Abigail loves penguins too. I bought her a new penguin dress yesterday. Oooh I can't wait to see her in it!
So don't forget to tell me... if you could only choose ONE obsession, what would it be?

Fun pink penguin blog background for today:

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