Friday, January 16, 2015

Basketball, Field Hockey or ?

My office is almost all cleaned out. After Nick being home for a month and lots of cookie and baking and a whole bunch of playing, there were piles and piles of "TO DO" stuff in my office. It was so out of control, that I set up my computer in another room to get the necessary stuff done since I couldn't find a usable work surface in my office. Crazy. So I'm really proud of myself that all this week, I've hunkered down and worked and worked and worked. The negative with that is that means I've had NO time for me. No bike rides. No relaxing, no me time. So my office is organized and work done, but I'm bloated and grouchy from sitting on my tush all week. Thankfully I'll be going for a long bike ride tomorrow and that will remedy all. In the meantime, I made some field hockey cookies. I have a sleeveless jersey (actually it's a cheerleader dress) that I've been using for field hockey cookies, but it's too narrow and you know, we like big cookies here. So I made my own design of a sleeveless jersey that works great for field hockey and basketball and what else? Tons of stuff I'm sure.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Sleeveless Jersey is great for field hockey or basketball or? Cookie cutter available HERE

 and I used a circle cookie cutter for the "puck"

Do you have your very own cheerleader for your business? If not, you really should. They can be paid in hugs and snuggles and just look how cute they are in their very own Cristin's Cookies cheerleader dress?! I feel a strong urge to squeal when I see this photo :) I know, I know. I MUST make cheerleader cookies.
 and little Monster Aidan with his beautiful mommy too

Now to finish that boring office work... is it actually possible to ever get caught up?

Field Hockey blog background for today:


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