Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Congratulations To A New Eagle

With this title you probably think there's another Eagle Scout in our group. Nope. This one just graduated from Boston College. Did you know their mascot is an Eagle? So I had a fun opportunity to make an awesome Eagle. I love him. 

My son is finally home for the summer, but my daughter stole him for a camping trip this whole week. Yes, the word is STOLE ;) So not only do I miss my son, who I haven't seen in months, but I also miss my daughter and grandbabies too. It kinda sucks. But I've been super productive, so that's always a good thing. Truth be told, I'm a complete work-aholic, so I really don't need any excuses to work more. But I'm trying to develop a balanced personality (instead of my usual OCD personality) so I'm going for a bike ride after I share my Eagle cookies with you today. What are YOU doing today?

Eagle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Eagle Tutorial Cards HERE
Download Graduation Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Graduation Cookie Tags HERE
 Eagle Head Cookie Cutter Available HERE

Graduation Cookie Cutters Available HERE 

 Graduation Cookie Cutters Available HERE

You can see all my graduation cookies and cookie cutters on THIS blog post.

Are you getting out for a bike ride today? If not, what are you doing FOR YOU today? Really, I want to know!

 Graduation Blog Background for today:

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