Monday, April 27, 2015

A Whole Lot of Hassle For One Little Tassel

For many cookie decorators, we are coming up on our busiest time of year. Graduation. Even more busy than Christmas! Since I know that I will not be sleeping and will be sitting hunched over cookies for far too long, I did something to make it more interesting this year. I made all new graduation cookie cutter designs. I'm very excited about them and I love how they turned out. Just don't ask me if I still love them at the end of May because I'll likely not want to see another graduation cookie for a very long time ;) I've already decided that I'm not taking graduation cookie orders next year as my son will be graduating from college and I will focus all my time on that graduation. So do you want to see the new designs?

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE

 Gloria the Graduation Girl. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Gregory the Graduation Boy. Cookie cutter available HERE

 This is one of my new favorite cookie cutters this season. Class Of _____. Cookie cutter available HERE

Gwen the Graduation Owl. Whoooo Graduated, You Did! Cookie cutter available HERE 

 Graduation Cap with a good size tassel. Cookie cutter available HERE

Graduation Diploma with Bow. Cookie cutter available HERE 

 Graduation Diploma Scroll without bow. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Graduation Gown. I love this one. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Stack of Books with Grad Cap. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Open Book from my school collection. Cookie cutter available HERE

Smiley Face with Grad Cap. Cookie cutter available HERE 

Blue Ribbon Congratulations. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Thumbs Up - You Did It! Cookie cutter available HERE

You're One Smart Cookie with Grad Cap (same as Smiley Face cookie cutter). Cookie cutter available HERE

 One Smart Cookie Boy (circle cookie cutter). Cookie cutter available HERE

 One Smart Cookie Girl (circle cookie cutter). Cookie cutter available HERE

You are such a Smarty Pants :) Cookie cutter available HERE

 To go with the Smarty Pants and the One Smart Cookie, I just had to make some nerdy glasses for our graduates! Cookie cutter available HERE

 Confetti 1 cookie cutter available HERE. I use this one for almost everything, birthdays, graduations, celebrations, and more.

 Confetti 2 cookie cutter available HERE

 Graduate sign. Cookie cutter available HERE

This is the birthday sign or congrats sign or whatever. It has spots for 8 letters and you can use a knife to cut off any extra letters you don't need before you bake the cookie or add on too. Cookie cutter available HERE 

 and I used my scallop circle for sentiments to add to my cookie platter.

 and the title of this blog is "A Whole Lot of Hassle For One Little Tassel" so I just had to make a tassel mini cookie cutter to accent my cookie platters. Cookie cutter available HERE
So all you cookie decorators out there, good luck with the upcoming busy season. Make sure to get up and walk around now and then so you don't hurt your back and shoulders from being hunched over cookies for too long. I can't wait to see everyone's cookies and I hope you get some sleep too!

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  1. Love love love these new designs!!

    1. Thank you Missa! I appreciate the positive feedback after all the work and time that went into making them! I'll be making a whole lot of these graduation cookies in the next month :)


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