Monday, August 3, 2015

Mystery Cookie Cutter Revealed

A couple weeks ago, I posted a Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge for some fun during the summer. The goal was to make a cookie using whatever design you saw in the mystery cutter. Normally we have 12 participants to keep it manageable for me with all the photos and emails and such, but it turned out to be a rough summer to play. We had almost 12 sign up to play the mystery cutter game, but there were illnesses and summer children issues, so we only ended up with 5 in our final collage. So I want to thank the 5 that participated and of course, I full understand the others that weren't able to play this time and hope they can join us next time. It was so fun to see the photos coming in and what everyone came up with!

1. Mandy M.
2. Liz W.
3. Danielle Z. & Oakley
4. Barb N.
5. Cristin S.

I just love to see the creativity of the designs that everyone came up with! Each time I received a photo, I giggled in delight and oohed and aahed!

I saw a train with clouds. I have wanted to take my grandbabies on a train for as long as I can remember and this summer, I finally got to do it! We had so much fun on the train and I finally had an opportunity to make train cookies (more coming tomorrow). I thought the design of the cutter looked so fun that I thought others would come up with fun ideas too. So it made a perfect cutter challenge.

#1 Mandy of Baked Sunnyside was the first to submit her photo with her scary and ghoulish BOO cookie using the design of the cutter perfectly with pumpkins and ghosts and spiders. I absolutely giggled when I saw the creativity that Mandy came up with in her design!

#2 was from Liz of CookiesToGo and she saw a train too and used her design to make a Puppy Express with two adorable puppies on top and big orange wheels on the train. This was just too cute!
 #3 came from Danielle and her 3-year old son, Oakley. Like me, she saw a train with clouds in her design! I bet her son had so much fun seeing this fun train come to life in cookie form!
 #4 came from Barbara of Sweet Designs and wow! The incredible detail and beautiful flowers! I'm a girly-girl, so you can imagine how this cookie spoke to me! Absolutely beautiful!
#5 was my cookie from Cristin's Cookies. I ride my bike by Vasona Park often and hear the train choo choo and I've wanted to take Abigail and Aidan on it for so long. I was pretty excited when we finally got to go on the train, so I made this design and the cookies for my grandbabies to hand out cookies to their friends that joined us on the play date.

Thank you to everyone that joined in our Mystery Cookie Cutter Challenge. I hope to do another one very soon. Tomorrow I will post the full set of new train cutters.

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    1. Me too! Barbara is a Bay Area cookie decorator with two baby grandchildren like me. She's a total sweetie!


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