Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Train Says Choo Choo and All Aboard

We finally got to go on a train with my grandbabies and if you saw yesterday's blog post, then you know that I used the train with clouds cookie cutter as our mystery cookie cutter challenge game for August. I had so much fun making this set of cookies and cutters. My daughter thinks that Aidan's 2nd birthday party in November will likely be a train theme, so I'm excited to make them again soon too. And we have big news in our family, my daughter will be having my 3rd grandbaby in February. Abigail and Aidan will have a sibling and I will have another muse for my cookies :)

Train Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE

Train with Clouds cookie cutter available HERE

 Train Middle Section Cookie Cutter Available HERE 

 Train Caboose Cookie Cutter Available HERE

 Train Facing Front Cookie Cutter Available HERE

 Travis the Train Engineer Conductor Cookie Cutter Available HERE I just love this guy. I have to make these for my step-father who is train OBSESSED!

 Railroad Crossing Circle Cookie Cutter Available HERE

 Chevron Stripe Cookie Cutter Available HERE

 Mini Square Railroad Track Cookie Cutter Available HERE

I finally got to take the grand babies on the train!

I had so much fun with this set and taking the babies on the train. In addition to my daughter being pregnant with her 3rd child, my niece is pregnant with twins! Our little family is growing SO FAST and so full! So many cookie ideas that I can't keep up....!

Train blog background for today:

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