Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eagle Cookies For A New Eagle Scout

Last week I made Eagle cookies for an Eagle Scout ceremony. I love making these because earning the rank of Eagle Scout is such a HUGE accomplishment requiring years and years of hard work and dedication. The gal that asked me to make these used to be the Cub Master of my son's Cub Scout troop. She really got my son started in Scouts and she was very proud when my son earned his Eagle Scout rank 4 years ago. So to now see her second son earning his Eagle Scout rank was very exciting. I'm so absolutely in awe of her with keeping TWO boys focused throughout the years of scouting to earn the Eagle Scout rank. She is a fun and happy gal and an incredible mother. I was honored to be asked to make the cookies for the reception at Nikhil's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. If you have an Eagle Scout, you should make these Eagle cookies too...

Eagle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 If you have an Eagle Scout or are going to an Eagle Scout Court of Honor or Boy Scout event, you should definitely make these cookies. Eagle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
 Click on the link above (highlighted in yellow) to download the tutorial cards

This is Nikhil earning his Eagle Scout rank
 Eagle Scout Nikhil (on the right) & his brother, Vinay (on the left) also an Eagle Scout and Scout Master in the middle.
 Reflection of the incredible work and determination that goes into becoming an Eagle Scout
 Proud parents Sandeep & Yamini
 When Yamini came to pick up her cookies, we became beetle sisters ;)
 My friend, Yamini and I

 and this is my Eagle Scout, Nick. We are a proud scouting family
Congratulations to Nick and all Eagle Scouts!
Do you know an Eagle Scout or a boy in scouting? You should definitely make these Eagle cookies too!

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