Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Cookies Because Brrr It's Cold Out There

It was 46 degrees here the other day and I was freezing. This happened to be on the same day that my husband talked about us possibly moving to Denver, Colorado. Ummmm NO! I looked up on the weather and it said it was 23 degrees and feels like 13 degrees! Really? As if feeling like 23 degrees wasn't bad enough? I can tell you right now that we are NOT moving to Colorado. One of my good friends just moved to Colorado a couple weeks ago and he is constantly posting pictures of shoveling snow. No thank you. I am a California gal and to be honest, I'm ready to not be a California gal anymore, but I most definitely do not want to move to Colorado. I made these winter theme cookies and I used Anita's hot chocolate cookie recipe. They were really yummy and perfect for the cold winter weather.

Winter Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I started by making a really fun hot cocoa mug cookie cutter to go with the hot cocoa cookie recipe. You could add sprinkles to the whip cream on top or use buttercream icing to make it look extra thick. I really enjoyed this cutter. You can get the hot cocoa with whip cream mug cookie cutter HERE

I love how these turned out and loved the light teal and red together
I made a new hot cocoa mug ornament for our Christmas advent tree using my new embroidery machine.
 I bought my grandson, Aidan, a backpack with a cute polar bear on it and I couldn't help but cookie it. This is such a simple and fun design and I absolutely giggled while making them. This is Pepper the Polar Bear and you can get the cookie cutter HERE

 This was a fun outing to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo with my grandbabies wearing their backpacks from grandma. They are really supposed to be lunch boxes, but my brilliant daughter added straps to make them into backpacks.
I bought my granddaughter, Abigail, the cutest penguin outfit ever and of course, had to make matching cookies. I love this one because it could be made into so many things and is nice and wide for a nice size cookie. This is Percy the Penguin with big scarf & winter hat. You can get the cookie cutter HERE

This has to be one of my very favorite outfits for Abigail
 isn't she just so cute and silly!
 and then I added mittens using my fun mittens on a string cutter that I love so much. Did you have mittens on a string when you were little? I did. It was a great way to not lose them and always have them handy waiting for you inside the sleeves of your jacket. I was not a California girl then. 
This was definitely a New York thing to do :) You can get the mittens on a string cookie cutter HERE

 and then I added in Patty the Polar Bear with thick scarf because she fit so nicely with this collection. She was one of the very first cookie cutters I ever made and I just love her so much. You can get your own Patty the Polar Bear cookie cutter HERE

 and then I bagged up all the cookies
 and tagged them all. Don't forget to download the free printable cookie bag toppers at the top of this blog post (highlighted in yellow at the top).
 I have so many more ideas of cookies to make for Christmas and winter. I wish I had the time to get all the ideas out of my head and into cookie form! I still have 85 more miles to ride for my 2015 cycling goal, but I've put that off until after Christmas because I have to focus on Christmas gifts. And I have 4 more advent ornaments to make, hopefully those will get done in the next few days before the grandbabies come over. My son, Nick arrived home last night from college, so focus will definitely be on family time and trying to get ready for Christmas. How are you doing with your Christmas to do list? It is such a busy time of year. I wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas!

Polar bear blog background for today:

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