Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fish In Bowl Cookies

Do you remember the huge earthquake back in 1989 that was centered near Los Gatos in California? There were roofs that fell off houses and were laying on buckled sidewalks. Major damage everywhere. It was a magnitude of 6.9 and caused 63 deaths and almost 4,000 injuries. I was living in Los Gatos at the time. As soon as the earthquake started, I grabbed my 5-year old daughter and ran under a door jam. They say that is a safe place in an earthquake, but what they don't tell you is that in a big quake like that, you're not going to be able to stand upright. I was thrown into the wall getting a nasty bruise on my cheek and scaring my daughter for weeks after. When I made these cookies, I thought of that earthquake. Why? Because we had a 50 gallon fish tank and during the earthquake, the fish tank shattered. I got a big bowl of water and a big spoon and tried to save all the fish by flipping them into the bowl of water. One of the fish was pregnant and as soon as it hit the water, it birthed all the babies. I ended up getting an electrical shock from leaning in the water and the fish tank was still plugged in. My daughter and I went and hid under the kitchen table until all the aftershocks of the earthquake passed. This was all more than 26 years ago, but I remember it perfectly. Well, while I was decorating these cookies, I remembered that earthquake because of the fish in bowl. Weird memories huh.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
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 I made this card for a gal that was going through a rough time and that's what made me want to make the cookies. 

Did you get that flu bug that everyone seems to be getting? I'm finally coming through it!

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