Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rain, Hail, Snow - in California!

I went for a bike ride one day and thoroughly checked the weather report before I went. It said 10% chance of rain late in the afternoon. So I went early enough that I would be fine. I got about 25 miles from my house and felt the first sprinkle. I thought it was fine. Well within a matter of seconds, the sprinkles turned to HARD RAIN and that hard rain then turned into HAIL, huge hail, something like I've never seen before. I've heard of hail and major storms coming on within a moment's notice in parts of Texas. I've never seen anything like this in California. It was intense! I did everything I could to just hold a straight line and get to shelter. The hail and hard rain was pelting my bare legs so hard that my legs turned bright red like someone was repeatedly slapping me with all their might. I could barely see directly in front of me with how hard the downpour was. Everything was flooding in a moment's notice. There was absolutely nowhere for me to go. It took me forever to go just a mile or so since I couldn't see and I was worried that my bike (with skinny tires) would fall over. I got to the first part of civilization that I could find which had a 4-way stop and a small fruit stand. There was nothing else within miles. I stood at that 4-way stop and pulled out my phone to call my husband. I saw that he had already called numerous times to find me. I was standing under huge power lines, but honestly there just wasn't anywhere else to go. Suddenly I heard someone screaming and whistling to get my attention. It was the owner of the fruit stand. He was waving me in. They brought me to their office where all the workers were standing huddled around a heater. I apologized for dripping all over their floor and thanked them profusely for saving me. They were just the nicest people ever. My husband came and got me and drove me and my bike home. As we were driving, I saw the most amazing site. Snow. Seriously?! The entire hills near our house were covered in snow in just those few minutes that the storm came on. Keep in mind that we are in the Bay Area of California. We don't get snow. Well it turned out that it really wasn't snow. It was hail, LOTS and LOTS of hail. So I made cookies for my saviors at the fruit stand. 

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 I made a bunch of rainy day cookies for the farm stand people that saved me from that ice storm. 

 This is the picture that was on our local news from the incredible ice/hail/snow storm! This all came on within a moment's notice!
 I took this photo as my husband was quickly driving me home. I was shaking from being frozen through and through. The ice was everywhere in our area.
 Picture of the storm that came on so quickly.

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 Ice Storm in California
Do you get these kind of storms that come on quickly where you are? I haven't seen another one before this day or since then. Thank you to the fruit stand people! You were my angels!

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  1. Wow! I couldn't believe that San Jose! -- Kate

    1. It was a crazy day for sure! My daughter was SO mad at me for being out in that storm and yet, I had to remind her we live in California. We don't get flash storms like that!


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