Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Cookies - Just a Few! & Free Printable Too

My son doesn't graduate until next year, but many of our friends graduated this year and we had many events needing baking. So I did A LOT of baking of graduation cookies! Thankfully my daughter came over one day and helped bake and my mom came over to help bag them when they were all done. It was too large of a project and I won't be doing that again! I was very happy with how they turned out. Here is the main collection of them:
These are my favorites. Last year I made these without the outline, but I prefer them being outlined as it shows more detail and helps them to stand out better. The cookie cutter is from CopperGifts.com
 This was a new cookie cutter for me this year also from CopperGifts.com. My daughter did the beautiful writing on the gown. I'm always jealous of Susan from The Painted Cookie because she writes so beautifully on her cookies. I couldn't believe my daughter could do it too. I'm always so impressed by her!
 The graduation face cookie was also a new cookie cutter for me from CopperGifts.com they show it as a yellow smiley face that is really cute, but then Sweet SugarBelle did this amazing tutorial on how to make cool graduation face cookies so I followed her suggestions and came up with these. They aren't nearly as pretty as SugarBelle's, but they were really fun to try.
 This was a cookie cutter that I had from last year from CopperGifts.com. Notice that I used 3 different shades of blue for the cookies to have a variety. The profile is a Royal Blue, the faces are in a Sky Blue and the grad caps are in Navy Blue.
 and this was a brand new cookie cutter also from CopperGifts.com that arrived the day I started to roll out cookies. I had just placed my order a day or two prior. I expected that I would save this cookie cutter for next year, but they ship so lightning fast there, that I got it in time to make for this year's cookies!
 And this is our school mascot. A friend of mine asked if I could make these and I was excited to give them a try. I actually had to scan my son's hockey sweatshirt for the image because I couldn't find one anywhere on the internet and then I sized that image and projected it on my KopyKake projector to draw onto the cookie. I'm really happy with how they came out and I made enough extras that I can give them to the hockey team at our play-off games coming up.
 I made only one girl cookie. Just one. Our school is all boys, so I didn't have a need for girl cookies ;-) but I wanted to at least try one out. Again this was from Sweet SugarBelle's awesome tutorial. You have to check it out if you haven't yet.
and just to give you an idea of how many cookies I made...
and lots...
 oh and some Cal Poly Mustangs too
 and still lots...
 and footballs and volleyballs too.

Phew that was a lot of cookies. I think I made 293 total last week for graduation. Never again. I think I slept a total of 20 hours for the entire week. Next up... rest!
Oh and I almost forgot, if you need cookie tags for your graduation project, I made these that you can print for free here: Free Graduation Cookie Tag Printable

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