Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Cookies in My Favorite Colors - Pink & Lime!

I made cookies this week for a friend of mine that is celebrating her daughter's 20th birthday. The best part was that she wanted them in PINK & Lime Green! These are my favorite colors! I had so much fun making these.

In addition to the cupcake cookies, I also made some cake shaped cookies also in pink & lime green.

Just to show you how very much I'm enjoying pink & lime green in my little world. Here's one of my very favorite things  :-) Since my bike will be turning 5 years old on August 1st with over 24,400 miles on it, I decided that it was time to give it a little update! My beautiful pink bike has been "updated" adding lime green to the already gorgeous pink! I added lime green to the handlebars, the bento box, the seat cover, the saddle bag, the tires and the water bottle cages. Everything else is still beautiful pink :-)
I also made some sunflowers and some cupcakes in a jar. I'll share those in the next couple days. I hope you're enjoying baking, celebrating, enjoying family time, summer vacation and so on!

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