Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cancer Ribbons for LiveStrong Supporters

A couple weeks ago, my daughter and I participated in the LiveStrong Challenge in the fight against Cancer. We still don't have the photos from the event, so I'll share those soon. In the meantime, I made some cookies for my top supporters in fundraising. I've been wanting to try leopard and zebra print for quite awhile, but figured it was above my level of ability. Sugarbelle did a tutorial a while back on both prints and so I referred to that for inspiration and guidance. I should have used Royal Icing for my stripes and the lines would have stayed where I told them to go a little better (glaze icing doesn't always listen very well to what it's told to do), but I still was very happy with how they turned out and I'm sure my top supporters in fundraising will like them!
I bought clipart of these two cute designs at Digi Web Studio and printed it out and used my KopyKake to draw the design onto my cookie. I thought they were just perfect for the fight against Cancer.
Here are my zebra stripe cookies. They are not perfect, but I'm really overjoyed with them actually.
 These turned out to be my favorite. I just love this leopard pattern and Sugarbelle's tutorial was really easy to follow. My niece will freak out when she sees these ;-) I must put the pattern on a shoe for her...
Sugarbelle also has a tutorial on how to make camouflage cookies. I only saved one cookie to try this because I thought for sure it wouldn't work out and I ended up loving it. I wish I had more to play with this design.
Then I bagged all the cookies to give to my supporters with the cute clipart that I had purchased. This clipart was from J.W. Illustrations and I know I will have many uses for it over the years in our support of the fight against Cancer. For the zebra stripes, I used both pink & black ribbons and if you click on the picture, you can see it also has a cute pen at the bottom that says I believe in a cure. Very cute clipart, thanks Jessica!
For the leopard print, I used pink & brown ribbons in the same clipart package from J.W. Illustrations. Cute huh!
and of course my very favorite colors of pink & lime for this fun camouflage cookie. All of these cute ribbons & pens came in the J.W. Illustrations clipart package. Can't beat that!
and two versions of the pink ribbons & pink pen on this pink ribbon. I wrote believe and courage on these cookies. I still find writing on cookies frustrating. I have beautiful writing, but you'd never know it with seeing it on a cookie!
This clipart was the package from Digi Web Studio. Have you heard the song Fight Like A Girl from Bomshell? It's one of my favorites.
I love this little pink gal. She wasn't the easiest thing to make for sure, but super cute and worth the effort. 
See the matching clipart. How fun is that?!
So a HUGE THANK YOU to all those that support the fight against Cancer. Whether it's the LiveStrong Challenge, Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Walk, donations, volunteering, whatever it is, YOU are making a difference and Eddie's Angels thanks you!

By the way, I've been receiving very sweet emails with questions and kudos about cookie decorating. Thanks so much for reaching out and leaving a comment or contacting me. It always makes my day! And just a reminder you can get a blank version of my cookie tag template here: Cristin's Blank Cookie Tag Template. Enjoy!

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  1. I absolutely love the expression *Fight Like a Girl* and I love your adorable cookies...each and everyone of them. Your top supporters must have been so touched by your gift of these wonderful cookies to them! Kudos to you and your daughter once again for participating in the Live Strong Challenge. You are awesome and I admire what you do so much.


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