Thursday, August 4, 2011

Castle Cookies Continued 3

Okay so you've seen castles and princesses and carriages. Today we need something to make a Prince. You guessed it.... frogs ;-)
 This is an eCrandal cookie cutter in a nice large size. As usual, I started by outlining my design onto the cookie. No these aren't badly burned cookies and no they aren't chocolate...ick! Oops sorry, that was rude. I know most gals love chocolate, but I'm not one of them. Yep, these are gingerbread, my very favorite.
After I outlined and let them dry, I filled the crowns with yellow icing and then quickly added yellow sanding sugar to make them sparkle. We need something to catch the eye of that princess right? Then I filled in his handsome face with green and quickly added the eyes (yep I remembered this time). Then I filled all the green on his body and used different colors for the belly and dots on his legs. Let the green sit for just a few minutes and then using wet-on-wet technique, add the dots to his legs. I was trying different colors for the frog belly, but I still like pink best. Are you really surprised? I added a heart to his belly and added in the smile and cheeks afterward. I then used a food color marker and wrote "Kiss Me" on his belly, but since I waited til the next day to do that, I forgot to get a photo of the completed frog prince. 
The frog prince cookies are one of my favorites and I'm even making more of them this week for a friend. They are just so darn cute! And as they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Thankfully I already have my Prince Charming. Next month we'll be celebrating our 18th year of marriage - wow!

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