Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brrr... It's Cold Outside! Winter Wonderland Cookies

I had so much fun with these winter wonderland cookies and boxing them up in fun presentation boxes as gift sets. I made too many, but I just couldn't help myself! Each box set includes matching: hat, mitten, hot cocoa cup, scarf and person in hat & scarf. I made the scarf out of a cancer ribbon cookie cutter. I haven't seen that done by anyone yet so I was super proud of myself for having a "cookie brain" enough to think of that idea! ;-)
and then my personal favorite with pink, red & green stripes
 and super cute green & blue with the design on the hat & mitten looking like it is knitted. Too fun!
and pink & red, also with the knitted look
and blue with multi colors
and pink & purple - love this!
I hope you're having as much fun with Christmas cookies as I am! I have 5 of these boxed sets. Can you tell I went a little overboard - yaaa I know... I do that.
Tomorrow sweets for the sweet!


  1. @Nicole ~ The Diva Thanks Nicole! I have to tell you that my niece Nicole is also a DIVA! The child wrapped in scarf & hat is actually a cutter for a child wrapped in hat & scarf ;-) I think it's called "Bundled for Winter". It is an eCrandal cookie cutter and one of my favorites from them. I was so excited to purchase it. Have fun baking!

  2. Great idea to make a scarf from the ribbon cutter and your designs in all the cookies are wonderful.


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