Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Elf Cookies

I had a chance to make some Christmas Elf cookies and I thought these were so much fun! I'm definitely going to be making some more of these before Christmas comes along. Have you watched the ELF movie yet this year? I think I'll need to do that tomorrow when I'm decorating more cookies. I love having a movie playing in the background.
These Elf faces were fun to do and I love their stripey hat. I added sanding sugar to the cuff of the hat and his bow tie. I brought these to a volunteer event so they were snatched up really quickly. That just means I need to make some more right?
 I love this Elf stocking. I also want to use my witch shoe (halloween) cookie cutter to make an Elf shoe and add in part of a leg with striped stockings. That would be fun huh. I have so many ideas of Christmas cookies that I still want to make. 
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and trying to stay warm. Here's a great idea on how to stay warm... turn on the oven and bake! You'll get toasty warm and your house will smell yummy too :-)

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  1. Love the cute faces on these little guys. Hope you do make an elf shoe with your witches stocking.


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