Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Kitty & Bows Cookies

Today I have Hello Kitty cookies for you and some cute bows too. I found the Hello Kitty cookie cutters on Ebay. They are huge and we all know that I like big cookies. I thought that the bow cookies were cute to go along with the Hello Kitty cookies. The bow cookie cutter is from and it comes in two sizes. I chose the larger of the two measuring about 4.5".

I have lots more cookies to show you, but I think I'll sneak in a bike ride before all the rain comes back tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

and here is the Hello Kitty blog background that I made for these cookies:


  1. Just think of all the Hello Kitty cookies you can make for your new granddaughter!!

  2. I love seeing the Hello Kitty cookies! Yours are very cute and she come with accessory bows :)


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